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    YOU MUST DEDICATE TIME To these faces, after so much uploading faces I knew that it is a very complicated subject .. which improves little by little, and even so I still need to improve a lot !! upload faces with quality brother thanks
  1. wuilmer26f


    a question friends .. brother jed has made some very good coaches faces and even made a referee face .. i would like to know how to place the referee and coaches on the playlist???? I know what it is with the reeditor .. but how?
  2. some news? or will come out for the next edition 2021 2k21
  3. GoRedSox34 you can share that overlay
  4. excellent job amazing brother .. the best at this hehehe
  5. Yes, exactly. but you also need a cyberface .. I can help with this !!!
  6. good work in advance for when will he be out?
  7. what news about the KC list? Or will there be a very good list like the one that KC will put out? while we wait so long for the KC list
    it's amazing a fascinating job my friend
  8. Version 1.0.0


    update Bo Bichette
  9. In the download section are the uniforms, you will also find faces, challenges, and so arms your 2k20 ml
    spectacular mode friend an ecxelente contribution..time of effort and dedication .. thank you very much friend for the credits (nectaly) (in mvp caribe)
  10. In the download section there is the calendar but the 162 game schedule which is that of season 19-- Guaro reported that he could do it .. pro for time limits for now not ..
  11. Will anyone know if there will be a schedule for the 2020 season of 60 games for the 2k20? or someone who can edit?
  12. a work excellence andrew benintendi great
  13. Yes, friend, I am working in some stadiums but I have problems uploading the images here in this forum
  14. greetings friends I am working on a small update of the stadium for mvp baseball 20 here some advances
  15. This creating faces is a complicated matter of patience and perseverance .. for example I have been learning for a long time and still I must improve .. so you have to investigate looking for tutorial videos .. and install the necessary tools on your pc .. I HOPE I HAVE HELPED WHO IS INTERESTED?
  16. please id omarito Miguel Aguilar R.J Alaniz Argenis Angulo Joan Baez L uis Campusano Dylan Carlson Jeancarlos Cintron Nabil Crismatt Jesus Cruz Oneil Cruz Claudio Custodio Alex Fagalde Nate Griep Irving Lopez Wyatt Mathisen Colin McKee Owen Miller Cody Poteet Enmanuel Ramirez jose Rodriguez Mario Sanchez Ramon Santos Max Schrock Jeff Singer Shea Spitzbarth Cody Stull Andrew Vaughn Ronnie Williams Yoel Yanqui connor Menez Jake Woodford
  17. what good news brother. Well I know it's a great effort. and we look forward to this list
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