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  1. 파일을 다운로드했지만 시작 화면 외부에서 메뉴가 변경되지 않았습니다. 파일에 메뉴가 포함되어 있거나 나중에 게시됩니까? 구글 번역에 의해 번역.
  2. I'm new to modding 2k12 and was wondering where i could find player images in the background of the menus. Thanks in advance
  3. i exported one of the defaults and put the custom image over it is there more steps than just resizing image? To avoid crashing?
  4. I resized some images imported them as .bmp with EAGraphics but when the menu picked them the game just crashed is there a step i was missing here? I couldn't find a thread about this so i decided to ask. Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks for the reply will definitely check into those forums
  6. I want to use the Misery Business goal ditty for homers but can't seem to figure out where the non main menu audio files are held.
  7. i knew Dowd was Barry. Just thought i'd post my results with him so far. I heard from a Youtuber Jon is a legend inside of the community
  8. He's so OP if he gets a ball over the plate half the time it's gone he carried me to a 4-1 victory with two homers in my most recent game against the O's. He's heated up the past 2 games and hit 3 HRS combined
  9. Paramore

    Hitting tips?

    I have only been playing a few days i'm a The Show veteran est 09' and hitting in MVP is so different but in a way reminds me a bit of old The Show timing wise but i can't seem to mount more than one run a game on Allstar and pitching for me on pro is too easy and i score way too easily. Does anyone have any hitting tips?
  10. Will give that a go and update this comment with the result thanks. And ear r*pe is kind of an internet meme phrase for too loud audios. I should've just used too loud instead of ear r*pe tbh Update it's still too loud but am gonna make it as low as it can go in audacity than try to reimport
  11. Everytime i put it in nomatter what i do it's always too loud.. I tried lowering audio volume in audacity and changing volume from sa300 to sa 100 and it still came out too loud.. What am i doing wrong here? Thanks for your help in advance.
  12. I did but for some reason it just doesn't play. I did verify the mp3s work. I'll try again when i get on my pc. Update turns out it was just my audio folder was in the wrong directory. Thanks for the help!
  13. i tried this with two different mp3's and when imported as asf the game just skips the track completely any fixes? As a Yanks fan i refuse to have a song glorifying Boston in my game lol
  14. Thanks will try that. I turned off compatibility mode and now only owner mode crashes which is alright dynasty basically does everything i want in a season mode anyway. I got the vanilla game i just picked it up yesterday for the first time. I heard some say it was the best sports game ever made so i knew i had to get it..
  15. is there a patch to fix it? i got a windows 7 PC. or could it be cause i had the game in compatibility mode?
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