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  1. Hey All, I'm wondering if anybody that has MLB 2k10 has these files and/or grab them in the past. They seem to don't exist on the site anymore as I keep getting empty zipped files
  2. Hey I'm just curious, Does any of the MLB 2k10 Mods on here work anymore? I keep getting empty zipped files
  3. Already have my money back, Now I'm concern if any of the MLB2k10 are actually pc copies and not a decoy like I just had
  4. I was thinking about going to my local gamestop and trading/selling it. the person/retail who sent it doesn't want to hassle with getting it back, he also refunded my money back.
  5. So....I was just sent MLB2k10 Wii version.....
  6. meh I have 2k10 on the way, so I'm just going with that until 2k12 gets restock (if ever) on amazon or when MLB the show comes out on pc next year
  7. It's pretty much a clean disk, wasn't able to find anything that says 8.1 supports/runs 03. All I'm seeing 05 supported but 05 is pretty expensive on Amazon ($174) right now. MLB 2k10 (which I brought and currently on it's way) is $57 (new), $17-23 (used). Hopefully that'll work
  8. I can't even try to install the game, That error is the first thing that pops up when I click the CD icon in the my computer folder
  9. Unable to Install MVP Baseball 2003 on Windows 8.1. Keeps getting this error: "This program has been damaged, possibly by a bad sector of the hard drive or a virus. Please reinstall it" The game is my own physical copy from the EA Sports Collection. I am able to run GTA V (physical copy) and other games
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