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  1. Just to let anyone else know, I tried to play a game in a new franchise and the error still occured.
  2. I reverted the changes but it was to no avail. Maybe it is not fixable after the error occurs?
  3. Windows 10. No, I got the game files from the original CD-ROM. I can run the game fine, it is well within my PC specs. This issue only occurred after I did some editing of the file in REDitor. I just changed a name of a team, reassigned their home stadium, and installed a pitches.csv from the "Editing Pitch Physics" mod preview thread by WacoKid.
  4. While playing in franchise mode, after the end of the game, immediately after "saving game records" disappears the game freezes. The screen is a still image, but I can still hear the crowd noise and music. Does anyone have this problem? WSH.FXG
  5. Basically title. After attempting to import a colorlist from UM's 2020 Detroit Tigers Uniform Set, I got an unhandled exception error. The colorlist did not load. I then attempted to load my franchise file in game and found it was corrupted. Can it be remedied? Tigers2015.FXG
  6. Oh..................Never remember turning that on. In any case, thank you for the response.
  7. Basically title. All of the innings start with just immediate going to the batter in the box and pitcher ready. I have had a scoreboard mod in, but have since replaced the files with the original ones. Can anyone offer assistance? Which game files controls batter walk up stats screen?
  8. When using kccitystar's texture editor, and attempting to open Dasteelerz's "2016 Comerica Park 1.1.5" I get an unhandled exception error "Non-Negative Number required" error.txt
  9. Is something like this possible to create for use in game?
  10. I am not that familiar with modding this game, and frankly don’t feel like I could do it myself with messing something up. Therefore I ask the community, can anyone upload a updated logo for the Tigers (post 2016)? An updated home uniform would be nice as well. It just needs to have the newer logo in place of the old one. This is the pre-2017 uniform This is the newer one
    Great jerseys! I especially like the two options for Spring Training caps. I do have a suggestion; replace the ‘curved’ logo on the home uniforms to the sharper edged one to more accurately represent the actual home uniform. The logo you use hasn’t been on home uniforms since 2017.
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