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  1. You are absolutely right. I went into my original Asian Mod and the Kintetsu uni loads. However again it is not in the models big file. Hmm. In the file I am modifying for just Japanese baseball it looks exactly the same but does not load and crashes when I select the uniform. Very perplexing and kook - a – delic. Guess I have to do some more investigation.
  2. I think sometimes by my experience that I downloaded the mod years after it came out and because there are 6 rar files it did not quite install perfectly. I have noticed little glitches. The fact that you honestly confessed being not as familiar with the teams and players is understandable. I was first exposed to the idea of baseball existing outside of the USA from an old episode of Wide World of Sports. Being a History Major I gravitate to new worlds to understand. So, said the MVP Mods community is fantastic and I am in heaven being a part of it. The stuff that talented world
  3. In the Asian Series the Orix Buffaloes shows in the uniforms file 020L.fsh a Kintetsu uniform. However, in the models.big the corresponding fsh file is for Osaka. If you select the Kintetsu jersey to play the game, it crashes because it does not exist. Does anyone have the Kintetsu uniform file for models.big for the Asian series mod?
  4. Okay. I have had too many issues with this Asian mod. So, I decided to start over from scratch. Fresh clean copy of MVP Baseball 2005 to which I installed first MVP 2013 total mod. Then on top of that the Asian Series. And just as I thought the first install did not install correctly. Now the game works perfectly. I love it. Thanks to all for their input, advise and great work. Cooooool!
  5. Well ...it didn't work. I think it's because the uniform file and the models file (.big) do not quite match for the MLB team the Reds.
  6. Wow, Wow and Wow! Thank you Dennis. I have been researching Japanese baseball for ages and really bought this game to create a league with all the historic teams. And the same for the Negro leagues. I do have the Negro League total mod which is great for starters.
  7. I noticed in the Asian Series the Orix Buffaloes features the Hankyu Braves jersey in the Uniforms.big but not in the models.big. Are there any plans to create and or add that uniform to the game?
  8. Windows 10, but I run the game in a Virtual Windows 7 without problems for the other mods. My main reason for even buying MVP Baseball 2005 was to create a Japanese league which I will do anyway. This mod I thought could get me there sooner.
  9. I have downloaded 11 different total mods and they all work, but this one. The game loads fine. However, in play now or exhibition you can see players and pitching match ups and when you hit go you get half way through the game loading bar and just when it looks like it will work...crash.
  10. Uniforms.big is in both the data folder and also in the sub-folder frontend, is this correct?
  11. I noticed the the Asian Series has 4 LOC files in the data folder. The FEENG.LOC and the IGENG.LOC from the original game plus FEJPN.LOC and IGJPN.LOC should all four be there or just the new LOC files?
  12. I created another 2005 copy and placed only part 1 rar file in the new copy. The second time I tried extracting the files it asked where part 2 was and when pointed to the location it proceeded to extract all 6 files in order without glitch. However again the moment you try to play a game it crashes before the game starts?????
  13. There are 6 parts to this file to be downloaded that all look pretty much the same. I did the first part and tried to play the game but it crashes the moment teams are about to start a game. Help?
  14. I got the game to work in Windows 7 what a blast I love this game. That said I downloaded some of the great work like MVP Total 1927 season and 1915, 1948, 1956. In these games when you play in dynasty mode the standings league alignments are 4 divisions of sometimes one or two teams in a division. Kind of goofy. Now if you open the MBE file using Access instead of the MVPedit you can change the Divisional alignments. Of course then the game crashes. Anyone out there figure out a way to have normal or historic league alignment?
  15. $80 for a pristine copy with both disks and manual in the original box. So, somewhere along the way it will work. Heck if my old Tony2 and 3 games work in Windows10 this game can as well. Again if any one figures this out let me know or if I do I will let all of you know.
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