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  1. Update Darien Nuñez José García (Barrero) Giancarlo Stanton Yadiel Hernández DJ Stewart Or Danny Jansen Please!!!!!!!! Greetings from a Cuban in the United States who is a big fan of your work!!
  2. Hello, I need help with this program, I downloaded it recently and I always get this poster and I tried running it as administrator but that poster continues to appear. Does anyone know what can I do??
  3. No, a friend copied it for me, he has it
  4. But hey it seems that there is no solution, thanks anyway bro They passed it to me
  5. I've tried it friend with the lowest resolution and everything else textures, shadows, shader everything and the same thing keeps happening to me
  6. It is an NVidia 3100, if I have the latest driver installed Look what happens I tried it in this stadium and with these teams that I have not modified them
  7. My pc has 4G ram, it has a 512 mb video card, it is a first generation i7 The public takes time to charge in all the stadiums, for example when I am batting like that, it happens, but when I hit the ball and it goes to the outfield, the public seems little by little My mod was mainly 2K15 but I was putting on the 2021 uniforms and I was installing portraits
  8. Hello everyone, I need help with this problem !! When I am hitting the public as you can see in the screenshot it disappears and when the ball advances little by little the public is charging. I don't know why that happens to me. If someone knows how to solve it, I would be very grateful if you could tell me, please .. !!
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Hi friends!! Today I bring you the face of Andy Ibáñez, the Cuban from the Texas Rangers who recently made his MLB debut. I would like to know his opinions of the work I hope you enjoy...
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