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  1. You need to also change the player head face ID with roster editor on your Franchise saved game not just your rosters update! Should looking somthing with .FXG at the end of it! ... the rosters will be .ROS So like my roster download will say 2013UltimateRoster.ROS ... But if you want the face to work in your Franchise also add it to your .FXG .... My Franchise name is MLB.FXG.... Hope this helps!
  2. For some reason my eyes are blue? anyway to make them brown? or could this be problem with my game somehow? Thanks again!
  3. HiddenT

    Jean Segura

    Thanks!! You should do Didi Gregorius and A.J. Pollock!! Both are deserving and need bad!! Both are Rookie of the year candidates and not sure now but where both in top 5 in batting average for rookies!
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