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  1. i've been going to quite a few spring training games the past couple of weeks, and i think my photography skills are getting much better than before. today was one of the first days it felt like true spring bliss. now i'm wating for the regular season to start so the games mean something. i'm tired of basketball non stop. but college baseball is nice. but i'm going to one more game on wedesnday before that date... i keep forgetting that my friends still have school sometimes, as i'm in post graduate mode, and my friends are ultra busy with their projects and stuff. i actually helped one of my best friends big time on his project, and he did very well, but he's still stressed, like most of my fellow classmates that started out with me. but i'm still mad at the school for opening the library right after i graduate (liars). i think i'm ready to get back into mvp again, i have the time this year, just need to finish up some loose ends first. waiting for opening day now...get here soon...
  2. you got it. bored in the boonies three months after graduation. school was fun alright. i enjoyed most of it and knew this was the best time of my life.
  3. back again. i'm becoming more as a pop in than a regular...i'm jus taking care of a few things. i went to the braves cardinals game on monday and saw chipper jones get hurt again. at least he's okay. and i'm also going to another game next week with a friend. i live in florida, so we can go to spring training games more easily than a regular season game. have yet to play mvp 07, but will when i get time this weekend and finish up a few things. i'm still trying to get myself in order, but we're getting there. i may get back into modding depending on how things go. got my diploma from college, and still wating for transcript. i will start looking for a job at the end of the month. have to enjoy spring training. still in the boonis. chances of driving are none...i may have to move to a more bike friendly city. more on sunday.
  4. i've been a bit busy and forgot about this place the last few weeks. i was glad to see my saints finally get so close to the promised land...then they get screwed in the championship game and lose. darn it. at least my mavs are doing well...i hope they don't choke like last year. apparently, me and my brother are having a bit of a debate about what season is more boring, now or july when only baseball is on. i argue now, since it seems like in febuary, nothing goes on at all, but in july, there is alot of stuff happening. from reading some of the thoughts, it seems like it's now, and it is. i can't wait till baseball starts again and i start touring the spring training sites. talking about that, i'm going to dodgertown this year. with them moving out in 2009, i better visit the historic place before they leave town. over one month with the mac, and it's everything i expected out of it and then some. his name is chipper and he's doing fine. i'm so glad i went with the mac rather than with windows vista. and also on the mac, i bought a new external 19" montior for both of my computers, with a dual output. i can use the monitior as my pc base or as an extension to my mac, depending on what output i use. it's so sweet. i haven't played mvp in such a long time...i need to start playing again when a 07 mod comes out. vista looks like it will be a distaster... it is so cold all the time now...my friend thinks it's polar shifting...i didn't buy it at first, but now, i think he's on to something...read up on it. as you know, i graduated from college about six weeks ago. since then, i went to school a few times, as i thought the graduation cermony was an aprudt way to end college, especally with most of my friends graduating in three months. on thursday's visit, i felt out of place, trying to be a student when i was really done. people asked me that if i was graduating in may, when i graduated already. i knew i was out of place. i'm not going to try to live in the past anymore. i'm looking forward to getting a job soon (prehaps as a teacher, since science teachers are in high demand in public schools) to pay off loans. i went back to school friday, when we finally got a library for my college, right after i graduated...liars, they said it would be done before i graduated...yeah right. but our old library the worst ever, it was noisy, dirty, old, unstable, cramp, and not a library. in other words, nobody studied there. i stayed away from that place as much as possible, only going there when i needed to get books and some other chores. it was really nice, and i feel proud that future students get to study there. i may just go there once and pretend to study to get the feel to what it was to study there. i may come up with more things later, but not now.
  5. sorry this is so late, but i've been busy with school and stuff. but i am done with college. graduated saturday with a bs in biology, 3.41 gpa. and only in seven semesters, so i didn't get to see most of the friends that i started college with. and all those shirts that proclamied me class of 07 need to be changed to class of 06. and i got my new macbook on monday and shocked that i was up and running after only a few minutes of set up. usually on the windows machines, it would take a few days before it is usuable. still got to put in alot of the programs and tweak some settings before having some real fun with it. got the core 2 duo system with the 2 gb ram upgrade as well. this is going to be fun. thanks for all of your guys help on the mac issue from way back in summer. what to do for the rest of the year? i don't know.... with college now over, i feel really werid. i'm going to look for some kind of job once the new year starts, i'm going to kick it and relax for a bit before finding a job. i think i'll eventually find one, but i'm not ready for a career yet, since i want to do traveling and the rest before settling down for a career. catching up playing some games i haven't gotten to for a while. part of my relaxation. that's it for now.
  6. one more thing...looking at some of my contacts, it seems like all my friends from high school are now unreachable...it's like they vanished and forgot all about me. another reason why i fear leaving college...i'll be stuck with no friends to talk to basically and trapped in the abyss which is the middle of nowhere. it's totally yucky. it's not that i don't need to be surrounded by people 24/7, it's just that i feel like i have no real friends (most people had childhood friends, i had none becuase nobody liked me and we moved too much). it's like we talk for a few years and that's it. i think mabye it's meant for me to have lots of short term friends, but i wish i had one of those buddies that was there forever (outside of family of course). just something to think about....
  7. i know how you feel about the whole graduating from college thing...graduating in a month, with new macbook in hand. took me six months of hard thought but i'm getting my macbook with core 2 duo next weekend and for a cool 1278 with the student discount i'm still getting becuase i haven't graduated yet. sorry about not being around lately, i've been busy with my term paper (bradykinins, peptide hormone) and i've been sick the past two days, so i'm going to make up some lost time today with some work, big presentation friday. no, i don't know what i'm doing for a job, i'm not going into healthcare, i think most of it is a scam, and labwork is out (i think i said something about it back in april when it happened, sent a girl to the hospital). and i've been against a salary cap for years in mlb, now i've changed my mind. i would like to see a salary cap of about 90-100 millon and a floor of about 40 million (floor first), and mostly becuase the yankees and red sox (no offense to their fans) have literally taken over baseball. it's like in a 30 minute show generally about baseball, yankees and red sox talk take up at least 1/2 of it (usually more) and it's to a point where mlb is dependent on those two making a move and their stars become the focal point of baseball, and the rest of the teams are regulated to second class. i know some people despise al baseball (i'm not a fan of it, i prefer nl baseball, no dh ever), but it's so irratting that when you talk baseball, every other sentence relates to those two teams. if there were a salary cap, i think we'll have alot less dependence on those two teams and prehaps have more of an nfl type coverage, where everyone expect the bottom tier teams (royals, devil rays, pirates) would be talked about on at least an occasional basis (hopefully regular). also the cap would cut down on these enormous contracts a bit and have more parity in that way in the hot stove. ps3 i think is going to cause sony to be in a big mess and many predict this is their last consule becuase it's too expensive, not many excuslives, and blu ray i heard is losing the format wars (i hope both it and hd dvd lose, but that's another story). xbox 360 isn't priced too badly, but it's still a bit high for my taste (i've been playing video games ever since i can remember, in the late 80's). i'll probaly get a wii in the summer at the first price drop, don't care for it right now, but it should be an awesome system, i think it's going to win for it's cheap price (250 us, but that's a bit high compared to the old system launches). gameplay looks the most fun of the three, and of course, nintendo games are just fun to play. i don't want to play the same shooters over and over all the time, which is happening now in many parts of the gaming market, and it's not all about graphics (it helps, but if the gameplay is bad, don't expect much). i think wii needs to win, for everyone's sake that plays video games... the awards are given out tomorrow. i think they are a fraud given by the assoicated press. these are the same people that gave usc that half championship a few years ago and vote based on favorism instead of really who should win it, and don't forget that whole dontrelle roy in 03, every other rookie award expect one went to posdenik (webb won one). i consider the players choice awards the real awards, as the players see who is the best players in their leagues more objecitly than the emotionally based media. so, ap, give your award to whoever you want, i don't care, ryan howard and jermaine dye are my mvps. and congrats to dan uggla for oustanding rookie for the marlins. windows vista still looks like a mess of drm laden, ram sucking, resource hogging vaporware that catches viruses like it's 1999. windows xp has worked well for me, but with vista coming out and xp's obsoleteance upcoming, getting an xp computer seemed like a waste without vista (which i will not get). that's a major reason why i'm getting my mac. and yes, i think this is the last windows. it's done. one more thing, vick isn't that good, he's just medicore at best.
  8. i'm with y4l on this one, fox coverage sucks. it's like the yuppie actors and singers are the main attraction to the broadcast, or other things besides the game. and games should start way earlier, like before 8 pm during the week, and some day games during the weekend...that's not too hard. i don't want to talk about justin timberlake's latest yuppie single or what ben affleck had for lunch when i'm trying to watch a baseball game. if i wanted that, i would watch mtv. i really wish there was two channells, a channel for the die hards like us and the casual fans would have all the yuppie movie and music talk on theirs. great job by my saints, 3-0, and they are for real this year. everyone that thinks last weeks' win was emontion only is kidding themselves. it looks like clemens did cheat and use steroids. i kinda suspected for a bit, but the thing is i have a link to clemens, as my friend, sean walker, in the astros system was all buddy buddy with him and his son koby, and it's just the thought that he was taught by tainted pitchers....creepy. saw this movie "facing the giants" last night, one of the best movies i've seen in a while (i don't go to movies much). did i mention i hate the mlb playoffs soley becuase of fox and their ilk? i wish i could listen to the games via local radio to avoid the yuppie talk that fox will have. didn't watch the world series last two years becuase of it (last year we were out of power due to wilma so we didn't get to see it.) i've been taking the wrong approach at things lately, thinking badly and the worst, but if i look at it postively, more will get done. i'm going to look at things postvley and then everything else will fall into place. thats it for now.
  9. the marlins are amazing, most said 100 losses (i wasn't one of them), but they shocked me by staying in the race this long, but they blew it today with a good 5 run 10th by my boys. talking about the braves, yes, the run is over, and it's sad. a tribute to 14 years of greatness is needed. i was just a little one when the run started, and now, grown up and three months from graduating college. and as an early graduation present, i'm getting a macbook sometime before then, most likely mid-late october, but if core 2 is put in macbooks next week, i'll be buying it first week of october (no, not using it for schoolwork, it's for my other stuff that i'm working on, i'll tell you that in due time) my parents want me to get a job this winter...that's going to be next to impossible to pull off here, in a farm town and no car or driver's license and no public transporation (forget about walking or biking on these roads, wild animals and not a smart idea ethier), 5 miles to civilized life from my house, and even further for the decent stuff. i'm likely going to leave for atlanta sometime next year (after easter at the earliest, summer/fall more likely), since there is nothing to do where i live. it's the same old boring every day, and plus, cost of living is getting too high, it's starting to get like san diego and those places. the new nanos look tacky, i liked the old look better, although the battery life i can dig. the mini look seemed too immature and teenagy (no offense to our teenage users), the shrunken ipod was alot of a classy and go all look. too much work to do...i'm spent. i'm going to take a vacation in january i hope for more graduation goodness. i'm thinking about a long weekend in the keys, since it's not too far, like 2 hours to largo. october is going to be boring...sigh. all my teams i like will be out (if the padres end up choking) and alot of teams i don't like will be in. i hope we dont' see another subway series, last one was terrible, and i lost a bet. and i just lost another bet, i have to wear a mets hat now since they won the east (or going to any day now). lsu and tennessee were both cheated out of their wins yesterday, stupid refs. and coker could go. windows vista gets worse and worse by the day...glad i'm not getting it. i think that's it for this week. hopefully my saints go 3-0 in the superdome reopening...
  10. jhath, im guessing youre at a smaller university (you don't have to tell me the name though) with the size of the class. at my school (small, like 3k), the students pay attention and ask questions as well...especally in the biology major. oh two more things. first, if you're in ocala, florida and need to stay at a hotel there, avoid the hotel next to exit 354. worst hotel stay ever. the nebigors tv was on all night that i got like six hours of sleep and couldnt get to bed till after one, and i had to hit the road at 8 am this morning to get back home in time for baseball. the yankee fans would love to stay at the ramada inn over there though, it's owned by geroge stinbrenner. secondly, those marlins have shocked and amazed everyone, even me. i know i said they would win 70+ games when everyone said they would be a joke and finish in last, etc, but i didn't expect this. nobody thought this would happen, but i think it's partlialy due to a bad nl. have a nice labor day, and don't wear withe, unless you're in south florida of course...lol.
  11. i actually took ap calcus about four years ago, easy a. and college was a bit of a suprise when i started out...i thought it would be this extra hard place, it was still hard, but not like you see on tv. and this is my last semester of college, but juggling with my job at a website (i don't get paid btw) will be a bit tough for this month, and maybe next month if we make the playoffs. at least i'm taking just 12 credit hours.
  12. i don't think carl pavano hurt his ribs in a car acccident, no records of it happening...some think he hurt it doing something he wasn't supposed to do. i hate espn now...and espn on abc sounds stupid...it's like a simocaust...ugh. i think every college football fan should go see a game at the swamp...it's amazing there. florida beat southern miss 34-7, but it was fun anyway to see the golden eagles. chevy's van needs to be made a bit better, we rented one to go up there, no cupholders in the middle seats and no steps in between the van and the ground...spilled a drink and nearly fell a couple of times. i hate windows now, it doesn't like me anymore. i was planning to wait till around christmas to get my macbook, but i think i'm going to get it next month, when i get my cash (which was unexpected).
  13. good news, ernesto is probaly not headed twoards new orleans, bad news is right now it's headed towards tampa bay, which is almost as vuelnable to hurricanes. if it gets a major hit, it's going to be a giant disaster down there. and to add, if it keeps going east, south florida (ie me) could be in this before it's over. ugh...if it's major, i'll be away from the net for a few days. school starts tomorrow...i miss summer already. i have a name planned for my macbook already...it's going to be so sweet. that is all.
  14. okay, if airline waits get up to one day, we're going to see more people drive the road with their own cars, more global warming...i'm defintley getting my license now...i can plan my own trip and enjoy the road. if i go to new york in october, i'll probaly just carry my wallet and wear miminal clothes, get new cothers in new york, and air mail them all back home before coming back home. i see a complete ban on airline travel in 5 years. i also thought of the scary thought...the world turning into a lockdown state, where nobody leaves their houses ever. i would hate that life. i need to get out, and not be a prisoner. i'm always depessed now, it just seems everything is so bad, nothing good ever happens...maybe i need to move to an actual city...that should help. i'm probaly just going to buy a car, and hope gas prices don't skyrocket, otherwise, it's going to be a really isolated world, where the internet is the only place people can talk...thats kinda creepy. maybe seeing old friends should keep me from being depressed. it's just so awful for me now....it's been a bad year. only thing that can make it worse is if our house gets destroyed by a cat 5 hurricane, which i can see. but i apprecate everyone in my life...it could be a lot worse...i guess this is for the best...all is for the best of possible worlds, according to pangloss (candide). one more thing, i hate fpl, it took out my bro's computer with their stupid surges...ugh. maybe i'll have better thoughts next week.
  15. i'm getting a macbook for my next computer! all the aches and pains of vista, the potental quick obsoletence of xp and the extiment of the mac got me to make this desicon. i would like to thank the fine members of mvpmods.com for helping me make this decsion. no summer vacation for me. it seems like the site i work on, i can't leave for two weeks break at this time. i'll probaly postpone the trip until probaly the winter time. and doing right after finishing college is probaly a better point for me anyway. may be pushed back as late as next spring. i need to look for new headphones...ugh, my panasonic earphones went dead in six months... :evil: i paid 20 bucks for those, and that's alot for me. another month until school...until then, i won't see my friends, it's so lonely in the summer, but i'm going to accrepate it. that's it for now.
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