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  1. This roster and schedule is great.  I did run into an issue when I started a Yankees season.  The schedule has the Yankees playing their 1st regular season game against the Pirates and then their 2nd and 3rd games against the Rays.  In real life they play the Rays for their 1st 3 games. Is there anyway this could be corrected?  Thank you for all of your hard work.


  2. Many, many thanks to you Rroy and bctackboi for this mod and the phenomenal amount of time and effort it took.  I am more excited to play this more than any game I can think of this year.  Back in Ps2 days, the NCAA Baseball game was one of my favorites and I know this will blow that away for sure.  I am so grateful for this mod.



  3. Thank You! Thank You Kyle. I love this from top to bottom. I've played 2 games already and I like what you did to immerse ourselves back into the 1997 baseball season. Now you can make sure your Indians will be be World Series champs right? I appreciate all of your hard work.

  4. Great work guys. I started a Reds dynasty and was surprised by how few of those players I could remember. The game played well, everything looked great, and the only small problem was Dave Parker's face was some white dude. Do you happen to know what Parker's cyberface number should be?

    Thanks for pointing this problem out. I made a separate thread with the corrected Dave Parker cyberface in place.

    2014 Roster (BSU-FAN)

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    Great job on the off-season moves in this roster; but the underlining problem is the skin-color issues. For example, in this roster, Yasiel Puig is white and players like Curtis Granderson, Starling Marte, Jose Reyes have light-skinned arms but their faces are ok. Any chance you can fix this?

  5. Yeah, it's funny, I was only gonna play about 5 innings and then move on. I don't know, I guess I got a "feeling" that I might have a chance. You can see when I faced that last Indians batter, I threw 2 straight balls <getting nervous>. This makes up for when I was using Whitey Ford in the '56 mod last year and I had some scrub on the Red Sox destroy my no-hitter <I walked one guy in the 8th> in the bottom of the 9th and 2 men out.

  6. These stadiums are superb Brad! Thank you so much for your hard work. Between you and kccitystar; you've made this one of the best looking games out there...and it blows the doors off the 2K13 console versions. Your work is greatly appreciated.


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    I echo those sentiments daflyboys...I am so proud to have contributed to this great project and continue to help improve this phenomenal game. Excited to hear everyone's reactions on the game.

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