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  1. Can't believe this is still up and kicking. I might get around to re-installing this game just to get the nostalgia rolling.
  2. Version


    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ that Edit: To the guy that said this single portrait "****ed up his game". There is nothing wrong with the file. I can't believe I have to say this but you need to be using one of Kraw's installers. Also, if you have a problem with a download, PM the modder or start a thread. Leaving a bad rating saying something screwed up your game doesn't help. Especially if your game was screwed up because you didn't properly install the mod.
  3. Version


    Install via one of Kraw's installers (TiT or Installer Thingy x.x). EAGraph tends to be a corrupting pain in the rear so I would steer clear of it. Make sure to set your face #s inline with your models.big. Skin tone is a "3" to match. Thanks to Kraw for the 2X bases and thespungo for the pimped gear in the screenshot.
  4. Version


    Made the Sanchez face for my dynasty and had a request for the Green face. The Green mug isn't my best but it is a good likeness. Thanks to Kraw for the 2x bases. Install however you want.
  5. Version


    Install with one of Kraw's installers.
  6. Version


    Haven't made a face for a while so I thought I would churn one out for posterity's sake. Used face #892 cause I had it laying around. Hope you guys like and thanks to Kraw, as always, for providing the 2x bases.
  7. Yo Spungy, In your latest uni update, you have Tampa's unis labeled u007x instead of u012x. Could screw somebody up if they ain't payin' attention. I think you have Royals on the brain man. ;)
  8. Version


    Requested reshape. Didn't touch the texture but did a lot of OEditng.
  9. Version


    Just a couple of '04 style faces I had lying around.
  10. Version


    2007 update. Files are '05 style and face# 397 is correct according to the official '07 models.big ========================================== Thanks to Kraw for his 2x base models.
  11. Version


    Hargrove out.. Johnny Mac in. Go M's! ============================= Thanks to Kraw for providing the 2x bases.
  12. thr33niL


    Hook us up with that background picture. Yeah, and 640x400 should not be in the same paragraph as "wallpaper" these days. lol
  13. thr33niL


    2nded. Heres a picture I took at the game on Friday night. Using this as my destop at the moment. Man that was an amazing experience.
  14. Nor should you take a chance fudging up your game trying to install stuff you aren't privy to. Not knowing where or what Kraws installer is would be a decent qualifier for someone that needs to stick to 'double-click-me' installers.
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