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  1. JP_Frost

    Site Issues

    really like the look, and I'm sure we'll get used to the changes in a couple of days. btw ... my avatar looks blurry. Did the dimensions change?
  2. Right now ... I'm dealing with an ear infection. Luckily the pain is gone, but it's still shut -- like someone stuffed it with water that won't come out. Hopefully listening to the Beach Boys will help it pop.
  3. why don't you use baseball-reference? they have career splits as well as annual splits and they contain alot more information (OPS+, Babip, etc)
  4. Nice work as always Kg. One thing that I noticed though, was that the weight and height for some of the players were a bit off. Miguel Cabrera for example is 6'2'' 220 in your rosters while he's listed at 6'4'' 240. I also think some of the ratings could be updated, but that's an easy fix for users. Great job.
  5. JP_Frost


    not much no, but since he's leading the team in VORP, EQA, OPS, homers and is 2nd in AVG, SB and doubles, it's pretty obvious he's been the best player. Perhaps we should move this discussion elsewhere though.
  6. JP_Frost


    If Arod isn't about winning then it's obvious you're not making the playoffs since he's by far the best player on your team.
  7. JP_Frost


    Lucas, I'm currently using your Carmona sig ... is that okay? ;)
  8. JP_Frost


    I like it, great work Lucas! Fielder is listed at 260 I believe, which seems about right considering he's just 6'0''. Let's not forget that CC is 6'7'', although I must say that during the Tribe's celebration earlier this week, he was wearing a pretty baggy sleeveless shirt ... which showed a little bit too much CC-flesh. I still love him though!
  9. JP_Frost


    how about a Grady Sizemore wallpaper? or better yet a Carmona wallpaper, or the Indians' 2 Rafaels? basically any Indians wallpaper ;)
  10. great job on the Indians uni's -- I'll download them tomorrow
  11. what's the best way to install these?
  12. Once again KG, I'd love to download your rosters, but takes me almost a day to update my models.big to make it compatibe with the rosters. I know the rosters are spot on though. just out of curiosity -- which of my faces are in the models.big?
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