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  1. Well that would explain it. My friend had linked it saying he wanted it installed, and I assumed he got it from the right area. Wasted an hour trying to get that working... Any ideas on my post from my other thread "I'm trying out ksmlove000's Fox editor and I love it. But my teams are set as Single-A (long story) and naturally having those teams properly formatting is a big deal (something I expect is pretty much a first for most people!) http://www.mvpmods.c...es/1459_f33.jpg Imagine that picture, except the colors going with the team initials in the top left are rectangular and
  2. Hey, new problem. I'm trying to install uniforms, and a lot of them are in .iff format, which I gather is a compressed format. I also gather I'm supposed to open it with NBA2k10tool. However, when I open it in NBAtool, there are something like 13 subfiles, and you only need 3 to plug in for MVP studio. How do I get an .iff turned to a .bmp and two .fsh?
  3. Is there any way to move my saved rosters to another computer? I don't want to edit them, just move my customized rosters from my old computer to my new one. Will a copy/paste of the database folder work? I see from this thread that I can't edit it with outside programs, or set it to the default roster or anything, but I just don't want to go through the whole ordeal again. EDIT: nm I found the saves in "my documents"
  4. I just tried this game, and I can play games against the Cardinals fine. But if I try to go against the Yankees (with Cliff Lee added) it crashes. What gives?
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