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  1. i see, thanks a lot,DS!! anyway still waiting for his cyberface mod!!
  2. I like the ryan roberts' cyberface work of last year in 2k11. The tattoo was so real, tremendous work, Hope someone could make one this year. and i have a quesetion: is it possible to add some tattoo features to his arms, just like the real 'tat man'?
  3. Finally I got access to Youtube and watch the tutorial. Here I got a problem: after I finish the part 1, and the NBA 2k mod tool turned out, I clicked open button and select my portrait.iff from my MLB 2k11 directory,the .iff file just opened,there was no window which was showed in the tutorial coming out.I mean this two windonws below: And when I exited the NBA 2k mod tool, the "Done with Modtool" window came out anyway which said "You file is decompressed". How could this happen? Then I moved to the next step,using the TiT_4_MLB_2k10 to open the portrait.7z I downloaded here,and guess wh
  4. I'm in China. Your tutorial link of Youtube is blocked. I have a lot of trouble in decompressing the portrait file. I've tried the VPN to get access to the tutorial, but failed. Can you give us who have trouble in using your tremendous work some help?A instruction with screenshots step by step will be wonderful. Or upload your video somewhere else so we can watch it or download it. I know it'll take you time to do this, so if you dont have time for it,I understand. Anyway, thanks in advance. P.S. :I've got the TiT and NBA mod tool.
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