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  1. I just pasted the datafile.txt in the mods and the camera worked fine... what does the datafile.big file do?
  2. ...Yes that was the file... Thanks again fellas...
  3. ...I'm looking in the DATA folder and there is a file named datafile and not datafile.txt... Is that the correct file?
  4. ...I love this mod!!! Especially the camera used when the ball is in play... Is it possible to get this camera to work in other mods???
  5. Thanks... I will do the same if I figure out a remedy...
  6. Thanks for the help anyway fellas... I will still keep playing the 88' mod without the access to Tiger Stadium... You guys have been great
  7. ...I tried this too and unfortunately, 'no dice'...
  8. ...Tried this and it still crashed... Thanks for the idea though
  9. Thanks for responding... I have tried multiple opponents and Detroit pitchers... I have been playing the 88' mod without playing games at Tiger Stadium which I can deal with but it would be nice to be able to play games at Tiger Stadium... I also play the 84' mod and there are no issues with playing games at Tiger Stadium... LOL!!! I tried the same thing and got the same results....
  10. Hopefully someone comes across this post (this forum hasn't been visited since 2019)... I've had this mod on two different computers now and anytime I try to play a home game with the Detroit Tigers the game loads about half way on the meter and then crashes to the desktop... Again, this only happens when trying to play a HOME game with Detroit. I am able to play a road game with them...
  11. I am absolutely loving the nostalgia that this game gives me!!! I am slowly figuring out how to utilize the tools and mods for this FANTASTIC game... One of my hangups with sports games in the past was that when you played franchises, you could only take one team and not have access to the rest of the teams in a league (like the MVP series for example). So I stumble across the "Team Changer" tool and I get excited about the possibility to play any/all of the games that I want. The issue is that I can't for the life of me figure out how to avoid having games simulated before I switch teams. i.e.... Let's say there are multiple games scheduled for a 1pm start time on a given day. I select the first game (and switch to one of the teams playing that game) and play it. After the game is completed, I use the 'team changer' and switch to one of the teams playing the very next game on the schedule, but when I go into the schedule to select the game, it has already been simulated... Does anyone know if we can play ALL of the games or is it limited to one game per time slot? This isn't a game changer for me but it would be cool if I have the option to play all of the games in a league... Thanks in advance
  12. ...yeah, I tried that and it didn't work. It's weird because it is only the 1988 mod that I have an issue with. All the other mods that I have downloaded have not had ANY issues...SO FAR anyway?.?.
  13. ...I will uninstall/reinstall and hope for the best (Tiger Stadium caused a crash as well...)
  14. I bought it on EBay for $70 from someone in Maryland. I have been waiting a LONG time to find this game for less than $50... Obviously I ran out of patience and so I pulled the trigger last weekend... As for my most current issue with the game crashing when I get into Arlington Stadium... After doing some searching I found a thread mentioning that if a crash s stadium specific, then the stadium needs to be fixed... whatever that means... I will continue checking all of the stadiums to find out which ones have the crashing issue. If it is too many for me, then I will just download a different TC mod...
  15. ...I know, my bad!!! The thing that made this , I mean THESE posts, even more redundant is that I figured it out shortly after posting. Now my issue is that the game crashes to the desktop whenever I try to play at Arlington Stadium (Texas Rangers)...
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