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  1. Hey all, I haven't been active in this community for a while, but have recently picked back up. Ive been modding since the MVP 08 days. I'm running into a problem with Total Installer Thingy. I have installed it to the modded game directory no problems, but run across a "can not open file as archive" error. I have looked and researched everywhere, and just wanted some new help. Thank you. It is much appreciated.
  2. The website will not let me type a PM to you, so this is the only way to get in contact about the Trade Deadline Rosters. I'd love to have a copy of it. Thank you!

  3. sorry for the late response, no I did not reinstall. Here are my compatibility settings
  4. no different settings, just double clicked it and it started playing. I'm using a surface pro 1 by the way...
  5. It works great, but the screen ratio is a bit small. Just need to change some settings.
  6. gmona48

    Fox Overlay

    *Sarcastic* Haha very funny! Thanks anyway
  7. gmona48

    Fox Overlay

    Yeah, I wanted to know how to make one. Any thread you could point me to
  8. gmona48

    Fox Overlay

    There hasn't been an overlay update for MVP 05 in quite a while. Just puttin it out there. Fox?Espn? TBS?
  9. gmona48


    Look,I'm very sorry for causing all of you guys this trouble. You don't understand how much you guys do for the game. Me and my brother show off the game to everybody and they're like how do you do that? All I say is, other people work on the rosters, and everything. Thanks again
  10. gmona48


    That's why I wanted somebody, just one person to send it to me. If it works or doesn't work, I'll have this thread closed. I just need somebody to send it To me. I'm not tryin to be mean.
  11. gmona48


    Sorry about that. Will try again
  12. gmona48

    Pants Level

    The files aren't in the cd, anyway u can send them
  13. gmona48


    This is all my CD 2 has.
  14. gmona48


    Can anyone upload or send me the ORIGINAL file from the 2005 cd. It doesnt seem to be in either CD2 or CD1? Thanks
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