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  1. I know how to replace the overlay. It's just not working. Try it
  2. Thanks I got it. I have another issue. When I try to replace the overlay, no chances occur.
  3. I will copy the datafile.txt. Thanks Jim825. So if i add a datafile.txt it will change the camera? Also, is there a datafile.txt from MVP 2005 i can use?
  4. I am switching the datafile to have both a certain look and overlay. I know how to switch the datafile and have for past modded games, but for some reason if a try to replace the datafile or overlay, no chances occur in MVP 12. How could this be? Thanks guys
  5. For some reason, when I try to replace the datafile, (I prefer the datafile from 2005), no chances occur. Also, when I try to replace the overlay no chances occur. What am I doing wrong. Btw, the mods awesome. Thanks again
  6. For some reason, when I try to replace the datafile, no chances are made. I prefer the 2005 datafile. What am I doing wrong?
  7. It says "unsuccessful termination." Help?
  8. The message is incorrect geometry. <256 x 512 instead of 128 x 256> How do I edit the index.fsh file and increase the buffer size?
  9. Sometimes when I try to put a new cyberface into the game, I run FSHtool and it says "unsuccessful termination." Thus, it doesn't work. However, it doesn't do this all the time, just to some. What are some solutions to this problem? Thanks
  10. Thanks a bunch Jim825. It worked successfully. I appreciate it
  11. I know how to install cyberfaces, but the situation im in is that the files I downloaded included a .orl .ord and no .fsh. It included just the player image (Bitmap). The .orl file and ord file are defaulted to c094.orl and c094.ord. I want to assign Freese to face 75 tho, so I renamed the two files, and they seemed to work. But my question is how do I install the fsh file so I have his actual face? Do I have to convert the Bitmap image to an .fsh? Thanks guys
  12. How do u replace a player image (fish) in Ea Graphs? For example, I want to install David Freese. I have the other two files and the player image. I installed the other two files, but how do u install the player image? Thanks FreeseDavid.bmp
  13. How long does this installation supposed to take? It doesn't seem to work. I'm installing with the 30 with TIT like it says....
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