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  1. Amazing Job on all the stadiums and putting them together in a nice little package!
  2. Amazing Job on all the stadiums and putting them together in a nice little package!
  3. Great Looking stadium. Appreciate the work
  4. man you can do and uniform accessories

  5. 390 downloads

    Here it is. Working version. Changed alot from my preview after going through some videos on MLB.com. I will put out an update most likely after season starts. Hope yall like. i think this is the best of the 3 stadiums i have done this year. Will be alot better when season starts.
  6. Great Job man, as a fellow modder i am envious. How did you get so many ads such high quality??
  7. I would like to join you in modding stadiums. What programs do I need?

  8. 555 downloads

    Here is version 1.0 of coors field.Changed ads where i could. Will make some changes. Fix remax sign, coke bottle, update homeplate and any other ads when season starts.
  9. 615 downloads

    Here is my First version of Safeco Field. Many updates to come. I have changed ads accordingly where i can. The 2 ads in center field Stub Hub and Cloverdale meats will be changed when opening season starts. Once i see what is at safeco i will update. Safeco does have Stub Hub and cloverdale signs of a different variety along the first base side,so i thought i would just throw those in.Cloverdale meat might get changed to a LCD screen so it represents the right field one. Not sure yet. The FSNinsder, Boeing and Key bank will be updated as well. Im going to work on the wall texture better to see if i can get a nice blend. Homeplate ads are random as well and will be updated when the season starts, but better than the 2k Ads. Also plan on still doing dugouts, Right Field Tarp and see what else i can do. Also if i can find the spot above the left LCD Screen on the center field wall i will try to put an Alaskan Airlines ad there. Just wanted to get something out there hence v1.0. As with any mod BACKUP your original stadium file. Hope you enjoy and i look forward to getting something better quality out there. Steve
  10. bigwhit

    PNC Park v.1


    Heres my take on PNC Park. I will be doing an update soon but thought I would put this out. Things that are here are updated ads for the most part. Thanks to sprdelfin and rroy0824 for letting me use some of your ads. rroy0824 thanks again for all your help in the beginning answering my questions about modding. Thanks to the community giving me a chance to post this. Hope you enjoy it. v.2 things im hoping to include are Left Field Scoreboard updates- better powerball sign, Full Highmark Ad not split, Changes to LCDS Right Field Wall- Clemente #21 and some other things. Dugouts Pirates logos and more to come. As always make a copy of your original file.
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