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Featured Downloads

  • MLB 2K12 Texture Editor By Kccitystar

    - Recompiled and 99% translated from the 3DM NBA2K Mod Tool with Visual Studio 2013.
    - Import/Export content from .IFF files for every NBA/MLB 2K game up until 2009.
    - Import/Export 3D models in N2KM format for use in Blender

    What's also included:
    "zlib.dll" decompression library for public use
    "DXRender_4.dll" for the utility to run and export files

    *Please make sure your system has all of the following: Visual C ++ 2008 Redistributable SP1 or higher, .NET Framework 4.0 or higher, DirectX (June 2010) or later (with D3DX9_43.DLL)*
    Extract to its own folder with the two DLL files included in the same directory otherwise the program will not run.
  • MVP Baseball 15 By kyleb

    Welcome to MVP Baseball 15, the 10th anniversary edition of MVP Baseball 2005.

    The result of six months of hard work, MVP Baseball 15 contains nearly 200 new or updated cyberfaces, uniform updates, the 2015 schedule, a full Opening Day roster including minor leagues, new in-game and menu music, new menus and loading screens, and new player audio. 

    This year's mod wouldn't have been possible without a handful of people. I'd like to especially thank Rising Son, Gordo, kccitystar, Homer, Jogar, Jim825, dennisjames, Yankee4Life and Oscar Morales. 

    I'd also like to thank our friends over at MVP Caribe, umachines, Jed and Jeferomer, and a very special thank you to Trues for keeping the site up all of these years.

    Look for updates in the near future, the mod will always be a work in progress.
    *** INSTALLATION ***
    NOTE: This mod requires a copy of MVP Baseball 2005 to be installed on your computer.
    After you have downloaded the "MVP15.7z" file, double-click to open it.Extract the contents of the MVP15.7z file into a folder.Double-click the "explodeme.exe' file.Select the folder that contains a CLEAN (meaning no mods installed) copy of MVP Baseball 2005 and click "Extract".  
    Note: A CLEAN copy is a fresh install or non-modded install of the game with EA's patches installed (see below).Allow the program to extract all of the new content. If the installer asks for your permission to overwrite files, select "Yes to All"When installation is complete, start the game and play the new MVP 15 mod!-------------------------------------------
    *** NOTES ***
    A ) It is recommended that you install MVP15 over a clean install of MVP Baseball 2005 with at least up to Patch #2.
    B ) To be able to access all of the uniforms, it will be necessary for you to install a Profile that unlocks all classic uniforms and stadiums.
    C ) When playing in minor league stadiums listed as "Classic Stadiums," it is recommended to turn off the "Cooperstown Effect."
    Initial release
  • O.Co Coliseum - Oakland Athletics By DaSteelerz

    Oakland fans... here's your update.
    Download - Comment - Rate
  • Total Classics 1993 By HAWK233391

    Total Classics 1993
    NOTE: Anyone is welcome to improve this mod or use it as a base for another classic mod! 

    - After you download the total_classics_1993V1.7z file, double-click to open it.

    - Extract the contents of the file into a folder.

    - Double-click the explodeme.exe file

    - Find the location of a CLEAN (or patched) copy of MVP Baseball 2005 and click "Extract".

    - Allow the program to extract all of the new content.

    - Play the new Total Classics 1993 mod. *Be careful not to install the game to C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\MVP Baseball 2005 if you wish to keep your existing MVP 2005 installation.  -------------------------------------------
     Main Features:

    *Accurate MLB Rosters as of the end of the 1993 regular season (October 3, 1993)
    *Accurate MLB Pitching Rotations and Batting Orders (based on 1993 season)
    *Fairly accurate AAA, AA, and A rosters (many new minor leaguers were created)
    *Every player's age was decreased by one year (from the 1994 Mod) for accuracyClick here to view Overall Team Rankings: http://i60.tinypic.com/29yh1j8.png

    *200+ new portraits were created (complete list located at bottom of this readme file)

    *7 brand new menu songs (2 hold over songs from 1994 Mod)
    *Edited/accurate Jukebox info.
    Click here to view the playlist: http://i61.tinypic.com/b8r2ie.png

    *New 1993 Splash Screen / License Screen / Click To Start Screen
    *3 brand new main menu background screens (1 hold over from 1994 mod [Olerud])
    *New roster management background screen
    *New game mode background screen
    *Stadiums: based completely off the 1994 Mod
    *Uniforms: based completely off the 1994 Mod
    *Game Loading Screens: based completely off the 1994 Mod
    *Overlay/telecast graphics: based completely off the 1994 Mod

    This 1993 Total Classic Mod would not have been possible if it were not for the tremendous work done by Hory and his team of talented modders that created the 1994 Mod.  Please note that all credit with regards to stadiums, cyberfaces, jerseys, overlay art, and many of the portraits should be given to him and his team.  

    1993 Total Classic Mod Creators:

    Rosters: HAWK23 
    (MLB, AAA, AA, A using Hory's 1994 Roster as a base)
    All-Star Rosters: Kyleb
    Portraits: RisingSon 
    (200+ new portraits added - all ML players have correct uniform portraits) -- See the Readme file for more details
    Frontend Art & Audio: HAWK23
    (NOTE: Game Loading Screens are courtesy of the 1994 Mod)
    Consulting/Helpful Contributors: Yankee4Life, Stecropper, Kyleb, Jim825
    (Thanks guys for answering all my questions and helping me troubleshoot!)
    1994 Total Classic Mod Creators:

    See the Readme file or the in-game credits for details