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  1. fantastic rosters as usual. Luv the 3rd pitch for RA Dickey - though I made the knckler 69mph with palmball working as reg knuckler. Still having freezing within schedule. I'm racking my brains to figure out why. Its only ur rosters. wierd
  2. Could this be a start? http://www.beyondtheboxscore.com/2009/12/27/957696/sabermetrics-101-evaluating
  3. Happy to be of help. I compared your numbers to those on fangraphs, and the fact that I only had a few points, proves the rosters' accuracy. Keep it up
  4. nice work. Question: I confirmed that Shane Reynolds is in the attrib file, yet game still crashes when using mini games batting. Any idea why? thanks
  5. Comments on Attributes (please take this ONLY as constructive criticism, as you do an awesome job - far better than I could ever do). I was also wondering if you use a specific database as a reference. Being a Met fan, here's my review for their MLB team: Jason Bay - his numbers vs rhp should be lower than his numbers vs lhp Daniel Murphy - his batting ratings seem too low Kirk Niewnhuis - his batting ratings seem too low, especially vs rhp Reuben Tejada - batting ratings too low (he's batting 325) and his fielding ratings should be better RA Dickey - his knuck control should be increased, and is there any way to add a slow knuckler (maybe as a knucklecurve)?. Also his pickoff move is pretty good, and you have him as 0 Jon Niese - He should have more control, especially on his cutter Johan Santana - Changeup speed should be slower (avg speed this year is 77.4), Once again - you do an awesome job, and I'm just trying to be of help.
  6. gotcha. looking forward to that. Thanks alot
  7. I'm using it on the MVP 08 tc mod. I had the same issues with your last release too. I tries someone else's rosters, and no crashes to report. I'm curious to know what is causing the crash
  8. Installed http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=7371 Padres Dynasty with 2005 orig schedule
  9. great rosters as always. Having a crash issue when simulating past may 1. Any ideas?
  10. pardon my ignorance - when I install with TiT, it freezes during the Yellow stage. It installs files to C:Program FilesEA Sports - though I'm running win 7. Any help? Thanks
  11. Pardon my ignorance, how do you turn off FA signings?
  12. Details: MVP08 mod. old schedule. updated year to 2012. using KC (dynasty mode). crashes May 31
  13. My game froze during late may with these rosters too
  14. Am I the only one that still sees duplicates in the FA pool?
  15. Use the MVP Schedule Updater: http://www.mlbmods.com/index.php/downloads/mvp-2005/mvp-tools/schedule-updater