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    Baseball and Soccer (or futbol as we call it in my country).

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    Extraordinary, so many years in the community and I found until last week. Really like it, a plus that it does not mention a year so I keep the feeling of playing in the current season.
  1. Hi, after a lot of years here I found (Gordo recommendation) Trues extraordinary overlays, I like specially the Mlb2008 which I installed in the MVP15 . But when I try to play in Fenway at night the games crash, something similar happened to me some years ago with the Juniorbrad Fox Overlay and Juniorbrad mentioned something related with the initprgz y initstaz files from the recent mods. I try the Trues Overlay with a MVP05 clean install and in that case it works perfect. Does anyone knows a possible solution?, I know that in the "worst" case I just use the great True Overlay in all the stadiums except in Fenway at night, but maybe anyone has a solution to this case. Thanks again.
  2. Hi KC, I just sent it to you. Thanks
    The essential of the game is to have updated rosters and in MVP as Jed and Jeferomer are the master of faces, Gordo is the man for rosters!.
  3. Hi, could you please help me to solve this error? I found it in the Athletics stadium only at night, I was playing MVP 15 with some updates. I also try with MVP15 mod (with no changes except the patch 1) and it also appears to me. Thanks Oakland Error.docx
  4. @tomk30816 my condolences for all your family. @scottybilly my wishes that God gives you all the strength that you and your family requires. Finally we are part of a community who want to have some fun and distraction with the games, but the most important thing is everyone life and the fightings that in a simple or tougher way we have. Hope the best for everyone!
    Genial, el mejor narrador de baseball de la historia, suena genial en el HR
    Gordo thanks for your rosters, icons and Cts among other files you have been updating during many years.
    Thanks for those modders who continue keeping alive MVP.
  5. Envíale un mensaje a Jeferomer, tal vez el podría guiarte con otros miembros de México, You could send a message to Jeferomer maybe he could give you some contacts from Mexico
  6. Hi, could anyone please help me to understand how can I change the Pitcher Viewing Cam to the one that its far from the batting as I show in my annex images? Thanks Hola, alguien me puede ayudar por favor a explicarme como puedo alejar la camara del bateador cuando lanzo como lo muestro en las imágenes adjuntas. Gracias Pitching Cam.docx
    Thanks as always for your great contribution!
  7. Wow, probably one of the most accurate description about the way that most people feel about Arod!