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  1. DadOfTwins added a post in a topic: 2012 Mod Crashes   


    It appears to be any team I select. I see the load bar/screen, but never quite do make it into the actual game, regardless of team selection.

    The first time I tried this, was with a 2013 roster, which I loaded after MVP12, patch1 & patch 2. Also, on this one, I took the time to setup my profile, pick my team (Angels) and try to start an exhibition (vs various teams).

    Next time around, after clearing everything out, did NOT create my profile, didn't even setup the controller, just went straight to exhibitiion (by default, I believe is St. Louis vs Boston).

    Which updated roster do you recommend? As far as I can tell, I'm currently playing with teh one that was released with MVP12 (plus patches).

    Thanks for any assistance you (or others) can provide.
  2. DadOfTwins added a post in a topic: 2012 Mod Crashes   

    Hey ya'll, pardon me for necro'ing a thread that hasn't been active in a couple months, but as it's the first time I've been 'active' here since MVP12 released, and the issue I'm having is similar to what Seven7 was/is experiencing, it is, it seems, the most logical place to start.

    Installed MVP 2005, with EA Updates 1, 2 & 3
    Copied 'fresh' 2005 program info into new folder, re-named MVP 2012
    Ran 'explodeme' on MVP 2012 mod, pointing to newly created MVP 2012 folder.
    Installed MVP 2012 Patch 1 & Patch 2 using TiT.
    Ran game.

    All works well, as far as getting into the front end of the game, profile creation, controller setup. No problems. As soon as I try to start a game, though, the game crashes out.

    Any thoughts on what might be causing this?

    Thanks in advance. Really hoping to get into playing again!

  3. DadOfTwins added a post in a topic: Site Closing   

    Speaking from a solely selfish point of view, I would LOVE to see at least the downloads preserved in some form or fashion. I've downloaded a good bit in my brief time here, but there is SO much more I'd like to get, but just never did, always thinking 'eh, i'll get it later'.

    In any case Trues, you've gone well above & beyond the call of duty for this site & the game...whatever you decide is fine by me, and you'll have my continued support.
  4. DadOfTwins added a post in a topic: 2010-2011 Nfl Predictions   

    Well heck, someone has to keep ya honest - can't let ya just WALK away with the season win, right?
  5. DadOfTwins added a post in a topic: 2010-2011 Nfl Predictions   

    Thanks for continuing this Dylan - I just did my picks over there.
  6. DadOfTwins added a post in a topic: Site Closing   


    Thank you for hosting this site for so long. While I am very sorry to see it end, I totally understand the decision. Losing the downloads is tragic, for sure, but I think what I'll miss most though is just dropping by and having a quick chat in the Shoutbox, or just browsing through the forums to read about what folks are doing/have done with the game. Heck, I haven't even played a single game in months, but yet this site is an every day/several times a day 'rest stop' for me. It'll be missed.

    (BTW, I signed up for your new site a few weeks ago - same name as here...but never got the activation email. Could you look into that when you get a chance?)

    Thanks again Trues, and Happy Trails.

  7. DadOfTwins added a post in a topic: 2010-2011 Nfl Predictions   

    Thu, NOV 25
    New England at Detroit
    New Orleans at Dallas
    Cincinnati at NY Jets

    Sun, NOV 28
    Jacksonville at NY Giants
    Pittsburgh at Buffalo
    Tennessee at Houston
    Green Bay at Atlanta
    Carolina at Cleveland
    Minnesota at Washington
    Kansas City at Seattle
    Miami at Oakland
    Philadelphia at Chicago
    St. Louis at Denver
    Tampa Bay at Baltimore
    San Diego at Indianapolis

    Mon, NOV 29
    San Francisco at Arizona Score: SF 21 AZ 17 Total: 38 What a dog of an MNF game this is..yuck!
  8. DadOfTwins added a post in a topic: Pay Money To Get Mods 5 Yrs Old?   

    Hey, no worries man...go on with yer bad self & find somewhere else to find the quality of mods you can get here. No one is forcing you to pay...but if you choose not to make the small contribution, you get 2 DL's/day. Dude, I'm unemployed and I managed to find the necessary coin to get the best mods on the planet, bar none.

    You have a choice...and no one here is gonna force you to do anything.....but I wouldn't exactly recommend creating dupe accounts to avoid the DL limit...jus' sayin'
  9. DadOfTwins added a post in a topic: I'M Tired Of It Already   

    I agree 100% Y4L. I dearly love Christmas.....hard not to with the twins around...but I literally gagged when I walked into the local Walmart the DAY AFTER Halloween, and the place was decked out like Christmas was tomorrow, rather than 2 months away. Good Lord...I KNOW Christmas is near..but how about letting us enjoy Thanksgiving before we get the full court press?? :facepalm:
  10. DadOfTwins added a post in a topic: 2010-2011 Nfl Predictions   

    Here's hoping for a MUCH better week:

    Thu, NOV 18
    Chicago at Miami

    Sun, NOV 21
    Buffalo at Cincinnati
    Arizona at Kansas City
    Green Bay at Minnesota
    Washington at Tennessee
    Cleveland at Jacksonville
    Houston at NY Jets
    Baltimore at Carolina
    Detroit at Dallas
    Oakland at Pittsburgh
    Atlanta at St. Louis
    Tampa Bay at San Francisco
    Seattle at New Orleans
    Indianapolis at New England
    NY Giants at Philadelphia

    Mon, NOV 22
    Denver at San Diego Score: DEN 10 SD 28 Total: 38
  11. DadOfTwins added a post in a topic: 2010-2011 Nfl Predictions   

    The Monday night game is Denver @ San Diego. (PHI/WSH was last nights debacle)
  12. DadOfTwins added a post in a topic: 2010-2011 Nfl Predictions   

    Good Lord. I don't know who had a worse week, me or my Steelers - looks like neither of us bothered to show up this week...OUCH.
  13. DadOfTwins added a post in a topic: 2010-2011 Nfl Predictions   

    Thu, NOV 11
    Baltimore at Atlanta

    Sun, NOV 14
    Detroit at Buffalo
    Cincinnati at Indianapolis
    NY Jets at Cleveland
    Minnesota at Chicago
    Houston at Jacksonville
    Tennessee at Miami
    Carolina at Tampa Bay
    Kansas City at Denver
    St. Louis at San Francisco
    Seattle at Arizona
    Dallas at NY Giants
    New England at Pittsburgh

    Mon, NOV 15
    Philadelphia at Washington Score: PHI 30 WSH 35 Total: 65
  14. DadOfTwins added a post in a topic: 2010-2011 Nfl Predictions   

    Public service announcement - there is a Thursday game this week, so make sure you get your picks in on time!!
    I mention this mostly because when I scanned the listing of games above, I didn't pick up on it...but in doing my normal morning internet reads, came across a discussion of this from the teams that have the short week.

    Good luck all!
  15. DadOfTwins added a post in a topic: 2010-2011 Nfl Predictions   

    Congrats andy82 on the hard fought weekly win!!
    And good on ya Dylan - hangin' tough onto the overall lead!!

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