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  1. Kccitystar's Total Mods + Stuff

    Hello Kccitystar! I know that you are very busy doing Stadiums and you are very appreciated, but can you please make the St.louis Cardinals with the World Series path for home and away? they are the only MLB Team that you did not update and thank you.
  2. Kccitystar's Total Mods + Stuff

    Great St. Louis Cardinals Update but don't forget to add the World Series Patch for home and away jerseys.
  3. Kccitystar's Total Mods + Stuff

    Hello Kccitystar, I just notice that the St.Louis Cardinals does not have the World Series patch on home and road jerseys can you fix it please and thank you.
  4. Kccitystar's Total Mods + Stuff

    Hello Kccitystar you forgot to upload the Texas Rangers home jerseys with red helmets and red hat and the Dodgers color changes.
  5. Can you convert all of you MLB2k11 Cyberfaces please.
  6. Hello Twnlove, great to see you back doing cyberfaces here for mlb2k12 Fantastic Jason Werth. can you try to make Prince Fielder with thick beard and braids? or with your long hair and thank you.
  7. Franklin batting Gloves and make the Nike cleats with black shoe tongues,

    Hi I am working on new things. But I have had limited time at the moment. Which Nike cleats? #1 has the white or colored toe design and #2 has the wing tip style. The batting gloves I will do but I want to make a new set with them. Which style of Franklin gloves? There are many types?