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  1. Hello Kccitystar! I know that you are very busy doing Stadiums and you are very appreciated, but can you please make the St.louis Cardinals with the World Series path for home and away? they are the only MLB Team that you did not update and thank you.
  2. hello raidersbball20 you forgot to add Jonathan Sanchez portrait for the Colorado Rockies thank you.
  3. Great St. Louis Cardinals Update but don't forget to add the World Series Patch for home and away jerseys.
  4. Hello Kccitystar, I just notice that the St.Louis Cardinals does not have the World Series patch on home and road jerseys can you fix it please and thank you.
  5. Hello Kccitystar you forgot to upload the Texas Rangers home jerseys with red helmets and red hat and the Dodgers color changes.
  6. Can you convert all of you MLB2k11 Cyberfaces please.
  7. ok I have register on cafe naver, but you steel cannot download from there without passport. it will ask you for check the blindness so kmp just send the mpgm patch here right away so we can see what was done.OK 저는 카페 네이버에 등록을해야하지만, 철강 여권없이 거기에서 다운로드할 수 없습니다. 우리가 일을하고 있었는지 알 수 있도록 키 관리 프로토콜 그냥 바로 여기 mpgm 패치를 보낼 수 있도록 실명 확인 부탁합니다.
  8. Hello Twnlove, great to see you back doing cyberfaces here for mlb2k12 Fantastic Jason Werth. can you try to make Prince Fielder with thick beard and braids? or with your long hair and thank you.
  9. MosDef23

    Arencibia Cyber

    where did you get those easton batting gloves that arencibia is wearing.
  10. Hello Detroitstyle can update Albert Pujols with beard and thank you.
  11. Hello Strawberry18 do you no how to make batting gloves and shoes if so can you make Franklin Pro Classic gloves and New Balance shoes and thank you.
  12. can you add long hair to Michael Morse and thank you.
  13. Hello Detroitstyle can you fix the Texas Rangers with the 40th anniversary path and make the home jerseys hat color red and batting helmet red thank you.
  14. Hello wudl83 can you please do Coco Crisp of the A's and do Jason Werth of the Nationals, or can you convert Twnlove Jason Werth from last year his cyberface was spot on and thank you.
  15. Hello DetroitStyle can you make Coco Crisp please his 2k cyberface is bad and thank you.
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