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  1. Leafnut's offseason portrait pack



    Pretty much a compilation of portraits of some of the bigger offseason deals for my roster. All the portraits with the exception of the Jays portraits were from Rogers. If I don't have a portrait for a certain player it's because Rogers hasen't given me the picture yet. Installation: Just save the file somewhere on your computer and use the total installer thingy by choosing the file and clicking start to install the portraits on your computer. If you need more help raidersbball has a video tutorial. Just on a side note I wasn't able to get any new pictures for the Pineda Montero deal. Enjoy :)
  2. Leafnut's Offseason Roster 2.0

    Version 2.0


    The sequel to my first roster update. Adds major and minor league deals as of 14/01/12 at 1:00pm. Much like last time lineups and rotations are fictional. As I said before another update after spring training will fix this. Installation: Take the roster file and place it in C:/Users/name/AppData/Roaming/2ksports/MajorLeagueBaseball2k11/saves and boom, next time you start up the game the roster should be ready to load. Easy as that. Portrait pack to follow. Thanks for downloading, enjoy. :)
  3. Leafnut's Offseason roster

    Version 1.0


    My First shot at a roster update. All offseason transactions so far. No rule 5 draft transactions until next update. Credits to BSU-fan for permission to use his legendary no fakes roster as a template. Lineups and rotations are an educated guess as it is still the offseason. Once the begging of the season comes upon us I'll be sure to get the lineups and rotations right. Installation: Open the roster file in winrar or winzip and extract the roster file to users>name>AppData>Roaming>2k sports>Major League Baseball 2k11>saves Open the game and the roster should be ready to roll. Any feedback and pointers is appreciated. Enjoy :)
  4. Version


    Installation: Just copy and paste the iff into your mlb 2k11 directory. Easy as that. *IMPORTANT Some of these faces will not work if you do not follow these steps using Tywiggins roster editor. Change Wilson Ramos' face id to 227. Change Chris Iannetta's face id to 6891 and his skintone to 1. Change J.P Arencibia's face id to 0010. Change John Jaso's face id to 4991. Change Alex Avila's face id to 4869 and his skintone to 5. Change Josh Thole's face id to 6520. Change Jonathan Lucroy's face id to 164. Change Tyler Flower's face id to 3029. Thanks for downloading and enjoy. 3rd baseman pack up next. :D
  5. Version


    Installation: Just copy and paste the .iff files into the mlb 2k11 directory. Easy as that. IMPORTANT! These cyberfaces will NOT show up in the game if you do not change the cyberface numbers in Tywiggins roster editor. The following changes MUST be made. Change Eric Thames cyberface id to 3455 and save Change Wade Davis cyberface id to 6486 and save Change Kyle Davies cyberface id to 6341 and save Change Kila Ka'aihui cyberface id to 148 and save Change Conor Gillaspie cyberface id to 2374 and change skintone to 3 and save Change Mike Moustakas cyberface id to 383 and save Change Garret Mock cyberface id to 2818 and save Change Tim Collins cyberface id to 3405 and save Change Jeff Keppinger cyberface id to 3255 and save Change Alex White cyberface id to 3399 and save Change Neil Walker cyberface id to 6392 and save Many more players to come. Enjoy :)