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  1. Quick Question

    Hi Gordo....What do you mean by some of the teams may not match up..????
  2. Quick Question

    Hi Yankee4life Just wanted to give you a heads up that I did what you said and everything is working great..Thank you again for the help...Much appreciated..
  3. Quick Question

    I will do that...Thank you Yankee4life...
  4. Quick Question

    Hi..I have a quick question..I wanted to download the MVP Baseball 17 by Williams V and before I did..I noticed that the menu`s are not in English..I was wondering if there was a way to change it to English or is it what you see is what you get.. Also want to wish everyone here a Happy New Year may 2018 be a better year for all.. Thanks
  5. MVP Baseball 17 Final

    Just downloaded it and looks pretty good..But I do have one question..Is there a way to change it from Spanish to English...??? Thanks
  6. Protait faces..??

    I will try it again...Thank you everyone for the info..
  7. Protait faces..??

    Hi Jim825 I have that file portrait.big...But it is not a folder were does the .fsh files go to..??
  8. Protait faces..??

    I just checked there and just as I thought the folder doesn`t exist.. Thank you A-Rod696 for the information...
  9. Protait faces..??

    I have just recently had to re install MVP 2005 as it kept crashing on me..While the new install everything works good expect now when I go to the trade screen the protrait faces are blank....I have tried to reinstall it with TIT but I was thinking that maybe the files were not copied correctly...I have tried looking for the folder in order to transfer the files manually but i can`t seem to find it.. Does anyone know where the files for the portraits go to once TIT is supposed to install them so I can check to see if the files are there..??? Thanks
  10. Placeholders..???

    I will do what you suggested Gordo...Thank you for yours and A-Rod696 responses....
  11. Placeholders..???

    Thank you Yankee4Life for the response..What I see when I am in the game and want to make trades is that for example the St.Louis Cardinals roster...On the trade screen you scroll down and you see instead of players names there is a name called C.PLaceholder and other teams have V.Placeholder as well when you go into the AAA rosters or AA rosters or A rosters....I am just wondering if there is a way to replace those names with valid names..?? Thanks
  12. Placeholders..???

    Hi I have searched on the sight for this question and I only found something back last year but if there is something already said then I apologize upfront...I was just wondering I have the latest roster update for MVP 2005 and noticed that there are some placeholders on the rosters. Is there anyway to change that so all the rosters have players on them... Thanks
  13. MVP Baseball 15 Support Thread

    Hi Gordo Ok..I was trying to find it but I guess didn`t read the whole thread...I will do that...Thank you...
  14. MVP Baseball 15 Support Thread

    I have installed Windows 10 and my computer is high end as I always tinker with it...The game works fine but the graphics are not as crisp as other games and the game play itself is not as smooth it stutters from time to time..Is there a way to fix the graphics and stutter effect... Any help would be appreciated...