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Stadium Pack 2.0

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About This File

Here I bring you an update of all the MLB stadiums on this occasion, with giant screens and some new things, without further ado, enjoy!!

Instructions:  Just copy and paste into the stadium folder located in data/stadium


Stadium Los Angels de Anaheim    ---> anahday.big or anahnite.big
 Stadium Rangers Texas               ---> arlyday.big or arlynite.big
 Stadium Arizona DiamondBack         ---> bankday.big or banknite.big
 Stadium Saint Louis Cardenales   ---> bushday.big or bushnite.big
 Stadium Phillies Philadelphia    ---> citiday.big or citinite.big
 Stadium Detroit Tigers         ---> comeday.big or comenite.big
 Stadium Rockies Colorado        ---> coorday.big or coornite.big
 Stadium Los Angeles Dodgers        ---> dodgday.big or dodgnite.big
 Stadium Boston Red Sox            ---> fenwday.big or fenwnite.big
 Stadium Cincinati Reds            ---> gabaday.big or gabanite.big
 Stadium Guardians Clevelands        ---> jacoday.big or jaconite.big
 Stadium Kansa City Royals        ---> kaufday.big or kaufnite.big
 Stadium Minnesota Twins        ---> metrdome.big
 Stadium Milwaukee Brewers        ---> millday.big or millnite.big
 Stadium Houston Astros            ---> minuday.big or minunite.big
 Stadium Athletics Oakland         ---> netwday.big or netwnite.big
 Stadium Orioles de Baltimore        ---> orioday.big or orionite.big
 Stadium San Diego Padres        ---> petoday.big or petonite.big
 Stadium Piratas Pittsburgh        ---> pncpday.big or pncpnite.big
 Stadium Miami Marlins            ---> propday.big or propnite.big
 Stadium Nacionales de Washington ---> rfksday.big or rfsknite.big
 Stadium Seattle Mariners        ---> safeday.big or safenite.big
 Stadium San Francisco Giants        ---> sbcpday.big or sbcpnite.big
 Stadium New York Mets            ---> sheaday.big or sheanite.big
 Stadium Toronto Blue Jays        ---> skydday.big or skydnite.big
 Stadium Rays Tampa Bay         ---> tropdome.big
 Stadium Atlanta Braves            ---> turnday.big or turnnite.big
 Stadium Chicago White Sox        ---> usceday.big or uscenite.big
 Stadium Chicago Cubs            ---> wrigday.big or wrignite.big
 Stadium New York Yankees        ---> yankday.big or yanknite.big

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