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Total Classics 1969

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Professional baseball's centennial year began with the expansion of both leagues to 12 teams and the introduction of division play in both leagues, as Montreal and San Diego joined the National League and Seattle and Kansas City (Royals) the American League. Because pitchers had become overly dominant in the game, the mound was lowered and the strike zone shrunk to spruce up the hitting.

Other news items included:
Ken Harrelson, who created an uproar by refusing to report after Boston traded him to Cleveland, and only did so after a significant pay raise;

Donn Clendenon, who refused to be traded to Houston by Montreal and wound up in New York with the Mets;

Mickey Mantle, who could no longer fight injury and age called it quits before the season opened;

Ted Williams, who returned to uniform as the manager of the Washington Senators.

None of these events, including the firing at season's end of Billy Martin of the Western Division champion Minnesota Twins, or the bankruptcy of the Seattle Pilots in their first and only year of existence could equal the biggest surprise in baseball's long history…


Oh, But perhaps the United States Landing a Man on the Moon in July of 1969 is also fairly memorable too !

Yes, it was a Special Year in Baseball in 1969. While Baseball was celebrating it first 100 Years across America the turbulent 60's were ending. Without question “The Times They Had Forever Changed!" as the ultimate faith of the Vietnam War had become reality. America would never be the same and neither would her National Pastime… BASEBALL !

We hope this recreation of the 1969 Season and the 100th Anniversary of Major League Baseball brings enjoyment to both the seasoned veterans as well as the much younger Total Classics enthusiast that would like to trip back to see, hear & feel what it was all like in those wonderful days as the '60s were winding down and America was bracing for the arrival of the 70's.

This project is a mere continuation of Total Classics. Much credit needs to be extended to the "Entire" Total Classics Team for creating such an interest in Oldtime Classic Baseball. We hope this project is just a continuation of many more Full Seasons Mods to come.

Much " Thanks " & " Appreciation " to the so many MVPModders that have contributed so much to the overall Total Classics experience and continue to do so today. This includes those Cyberface modders; Stadium modders; Uniform modders; Roster modders; Audio modders; Bats Balls & ALL !!!

To Everyone "Thanks So Much for the Joy you have brought to so Many of Us!"

TC69 Specific Credits:

Yanks763 & Nick: Logos

Homer: Uniforms & many Cyberfaces

JoelDeLeon: Overlays; Box Score and many Oldtime Screens; Sounds and other Special Oldtime effects.

Hory: Complete 1969 Schedule, Team Name & Stadium announcing.

Stecropper: Rosters; In-game Music; Juke Box Music; Batter Walk-up Ditties, CTS, Theme Screens, Loading Screens.,

AlexTony: Play by Play & Public Address Audios & Rosters

Installer & Consulting & Support

Our Special "Thanks" to the hundreds of other contributors as so many of their creations go into making these Full Seasons Mods seem to "Come to Life". In particular to all the fabulous Classic Stadium modders such as Pirate; Sean-O; PaulW; Hardcorelegend etc.

I cannot allow myself not to mention the immense importance of the FuzZ, Robert Glass, Krawitham & Tywiggins Mods that so greatly enhance this Oldtime Game. Man - You Guys are phenomenal to say the least.



1. Tweaked some player attributes
2. Updated Jerry Grote (NY Mets) portrait
3. Added 1969 umpire uniforms.


Initial release

*** TIDBITS ***

A ) This mod was built for the complete replay of the 1969 Major League Baseball Season. Thus, the use of Dynasty Mode for a single season is recommended. Although other Major League teams are represented in this mod and should be essentially correct they have not been fully tested but likely are OK to use in Exhibition Play.

B ) Although some Minor League Teams are fairly well represented these also have not been tested and it is "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" that you “TURN OFF" Trades & Injuries to maintain the opening day 25 man rosters intact throughout the season.

C ) It is recommended that you install TC69 over a clean install of MVP Baseball 2005 with at least up to Patch #2.

D ) It will be necessary for you to install a Profile that UnLocks all Classic Uniforms.

E) In the directory where you install TC1969 you will find a subdirectory named “TC69 Extras". This directory includes:

1) The most up todate MVPEdit .mbe file for TC69. It is recommended that you import this .mbe file to capture any potential last minute minor updates.

2) A file named “Sliders.doc" which are the slider setting used to validate the realism & accuracy of this mod during CPU vs CPU style games. You may choose to try these out.

3) A file named “Glass_Profile.sav" which is a profile to unlock everything. This file should be placed in your “My DocumentsMVP Baseball 2005" directory if you care to use it.

4) A copy of the TC69 Readme file.

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Freakin awesome. Great job guys.

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