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Red Sox Green Jersey That Matches Green Monster But Has Red Socks (plus fixed away alt too)

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About This File

For this file description, I would like to ask the assistance of a member of the audience...

Ooh, pick me!

Okay, that guy, step right up.

Sweet. [waves] Hi honey!

Okay, sir, please tell the audience your name.

I am the Bolded Subconscious Alternate Personality of Misopogon.

Now, have you and I ever met before?

No. That's not how multiple personality disorder works.

So, Bolded Subconscious Dual Personality Guy, I'm going to say a word, and you are going to tell me the first thing that pops into your head, and it's going to be the same thing the entire audience is thinking too. Ready?


Okay, here goes: Red Sox.

Red feet?


Ummm...red arms?


Those red marks you get on your legs from reading on the toilet?

No, and thanks for the imagery.

Okay, I give up.

It's a Green Monster.

... what?

I said: Green Monster.

Like this?


No, actually, it's more like a wall in their stadium. Like this:


Why would they call a wall at the stadium of a team with "Red" in its name the "Green Monster?"

It's a quirk.

Oh, I get it: like those weird things they're putting in new stadiums for no discernible reason whatsoever, like swimming pools and carousels and luxury boxes in Detroit and the like."

No, dude, this stadium's been around since, literally, the week Titanic sank.

Shut-up, not everyone's seen that movie yet - don't spoil the ending. So it's tradition. I get that.


But it's green. And the team wears Red. Isn't there something we can do about this?

I'm glad you asked.


Whoa, it's like...a Red Sox uniform...except it's.....Green! That's amazing!

Yep. And guess what it replaces?

Those ugly red alternate home jersey that they got back when like every team in MLB -- even those who don't have red in their kits -- decided they needed red alternate jerseys?

No. Those stay. These replace the home batting practice alternates (uniform_bor_bph.iff).

Like Christmas in July! So that's cool. They have a quirky green wall in their stadium that's as old as James Cameron's directorial career, but they also have Red Socks, so they use both as their primary colors.

Umm...actually, their other color is blue.





Like the royal blue that MLB 2k10 has them wearing in their road alternates?

No, more like the navy blue Mod that I have included in the zip package that replaces the alternate road uniforms.


I like it. Question, though:


Why didn't they just paint the wall red?

Now who's being ridiculous?


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