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Schedules (1933-2005) 1.1

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About This File

Due to a sudden and surging interest in MVP scheduling modding, I decided to release this to the public.

A while back I created a schedule for every season from 1933 until 2005. Unfortunately, I don't remember why I couldn't create schedules before 1933. I just remember I wasn't able to.



Installation instructions:
0. Rename the schedule to "mlb162_1.dat" If for instance, you wanted to play the 1989 MLB schedule, rename the "1989.dat" to "mlb162_1.dat"
1. In bigGUI, open up the schedule.big file. It's usually in the C:Program Files (x86)EA SportsMVP Baseball 2005 path.
2. Click Edit > Import.
3. Locate the mlb162_1.dat file you just downloaded and double-click it. Confirm replace of the old file.
4. It needs to be compressed. Highlight mlb162_1.dat, and click Edit > Compress.
5. Now, still in bigGUI, click File > Rebuild.
6. The schedule should be loaded into MVP.

Note: In MVP, the start date is always April 1st , but some schedules have games played before the first of April. This will cause teams to miss games. To fix this you can download TyWiggins' ScheduleUpdater/Year Changer utility at MLBMods. With this great tool, you can change the in-game year and date of that to your choosing. Just follow its included directions and change the date to the date of the first game of the season.
If you do use these schedules, I'd love to know, tell me about it below!

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • In the initial release, the 1997.DAT file was just a copy of the 1996 schedule.
  • This error has been fixed. (Thanks KyleB)

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