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Total Classics 1927 MLB/Negro Leagues

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Total Classics 1927 MLB/Negro Leagues Merged by Redeck and DennisJames71

Welcome to Phase #2 of our Integration series

In Phase #1 of our efforts, we changed a few things graphically in TC27 and added about 50 star Negro League Players of the day to TC27.

In Phase #2, instead of just adding Negro Leagues Stars to existing MLB teams, we are adding the Negro Leagues top teams in 1927 to MLB via TC27. With this mod you will be able to play the 27 Yankees against the 27 Monarchs, the 27 Tigers against the 27 Homestead Grays. Chicago American Giants against the Chicago Cubs........

8 Negro teams in all from 1927 inserted into MLB in 1927. No MLB teams were harmed in the making of this mod.

The 8 teams were added 4 each to the National League and American League. The Leagues are hard coded to have 3 division each, so we have moved the teams around a bit and each division will have 4 teams for Dynasty play.

Installation: Installation can be done using the supplied installer or by manually copying the files to your game folder. Complete instructions with screenshots are included with the mod.

Key Features for this mod:

1) 8 Negro League teams each with actual Negro League players who played for them.

(the Negro League teams never carried more than 17-18 players, so to flesh out the rosters, Ive taken the rest of the Negro Leagues players and scattered them across the 8 chosen teams. In all, 200 Negro League Players were added to TC27)

2) These Negro League teams need stadiums to play in, and so they shall have them. Once again Dennis James has come through in altering some lesser used minor league stadiums to give a feel of playing in parks we haven't really seen yet.

3) These new parks come complete with proper audio welcomes provided by audio master OTBJoel.

4) If you are going to add 8 teams to league play, by god you need a new schedule. Custom Schedule provided by Schedule Guru Dylan THE LINK Bradbury. Now thats one kind Canuck.

5) New Splash and loading and CTS, all sorts of eye candy also provided by DennisJames.

6) 200 Negro League players ratings, portraits, audio, and general mod piece collecting provided by myself, redeck.

7) At least a quarter of these new players have cyberfaces collected from the communities downloads, including the fine faces created by Jogar.

Special Features:

A) This download includes many of DennisJames new 1927 era uniforms and Stadiums, Including some as yet unreleased. It also includes Edtench's Reds 1927 Reds Unis as well. Very Nice

B) The player names for all of MLB in this mod are done by Ernie Harwell and Vin Scully through OTB Joel's fabulous Legends of the Booth Mod.

C) Also included here are more updated Stadiums from DennisJames. Some of these are yet unreleased as well.

The resources I used to determine the players rating:

Biographical Encyclopedia of the Negro Leagues

James Riley

Complete Book of Baseballs Negro Leagues

John Holloway

and Dozens of websites

"Team Integration" DennisJames, RedEck, OTBJoel, DylanBradbury

Thanks to everyone who helped me learn some of these modding tricks, including but not limited to Jim825, OTBJoel, Homer, Jogar




Initial release

What's New in Version 03/21/11 01:38 AM   See changelog


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