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JC-audio-MinnTwins 1.0

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About This File


Some players for the 2012 Minnesota Twins, 40-man roster plus.


The pronunciation of some of these players is best-guess.
Providing the correct pronunciation would be appreciated.


Some players were on the roster when I started but may not
be there now. Some players were traded but are included here.


JC-audio-MinnTwins - 2012   .wav files are included

All modifications are full acdp announcements unless noted.

01 Arcia Oswaldo-9432
02 Benson Joe-9259
03 Blackburn Nick-6787
04 Burnett Alex-6722
05 Burton Jared-6956---------p (rev acd)
06 Butera Drew-8387
07 Capps Matt-2743-----------a
08 Carson Matt-6812  
09 Casilla Alexi-6788
10 Chang Ray-8784
11 Deduno Samuel-7835
12 DeVries Cole-6728
13 Diamond Scott-7518
14 Dinkelman Brian-6709
15 Doumit Ryan-2245----------ap (rev cd)
16 Dozier Brian-9284
17 Duensing Brian-9255
18 Fien Casey-6505
19 Florimon Pedro-6198
20 Gray Jeff-6906
21 Guerra Deolis-8397
22 Gutierrez Carlos-6723
23 Hollimon Michael-6550
24 Liriano Francisco-2943----(rev acd)
25 Maloney Matt-8489
26 Manship Jeff-9274
27 Mastroianni Darin-7338
28 Mauer Joe-2520------------a
29 Morneau Justin-1867-------(rev ap)
30 Nishioka Tsuyoshi-9266
31 Oliveros Lester-6562
32 Parmelee Chris-9265
33 Perkins Glen-6744
34 Plouffe Trevor-6745
35 Revere Ben-9275
36 Robertson Tyler-6714
37 Slama Anthony-6725
38 Span Denard-3149----------acd (rev p)
39 Swarzak Anthony-6751
40 Thomas Clete-6551---------cp
41 Tosoni Rene-6717
42 Towles JR-8070
43 Valencia Danny-6707
44 Vasquez Esmerling-7482
45 Walters PJ-8629
46 Willingham Josh-2588------a
47 Wise Brendan-6523

a= Krukow Last Name announcement
c= Kuiper Full Name announcement
d= Kuiper Last Name announcement
p= PA Full Name announcement

Things you should do:

1. Download the latest roster. (Matches MVP12 mod)

2. Use TiT to install. 

3. Check the audio/photo ID numbers, verify they match your roster.

4. Back up the four files that get modified:

    /data/audio/cd/spch_pbp/pnamedat.big   (acd .dat files)

    /data/audio/spch_pbp/pnamehdr.big      (acd .hdr files)

    /data/audio/cd/spch_pa/pnamedat.big    (PA .dat files)

    /data/audio/spch_pa/pnamehdr.big       (PA .hdr files)
5. Have some fun!



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