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JC-audio-SeaMariners 1.0

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About This File

Some players for the 2012 Seattle Mariners, 40-man roster plus.

The pronunciation of some of these players is best-guess.
Providing the correct pronunciation would be appreciated.

Some player trades may have occurred.

JC-audio-SeaMariners - 2012   .wav files are included

Full acdp announcements unless noted.

01 Ackley Dustin-7057
02 Bantz Brandon-0628
03 Beavan Blake-7208
04 Carp Mike-8394
05 Catricala Vinnie-2952
06 Chavez Johermyn-7325
07 Ford Darren-8226
08 Fox Matt-6738  
09 Furbush Charles-6541
10 Grube Jarrett-7897
11 Gutierrez Franklin-2289----p
12 Iwakuma Hisashi-4488
13 Jaso John-7120
14 Jimenez Cesar-7055---------p
15 Jimenez Luis Antonio-9012
16 Kawasaki Munenori-3917
17 Kelley Shawn-7024
18 Kinney Josh-2924-----------acd
19 Liddi Alex-7039
20 Limonta Johan-7003
21 Luetge Lucas-8291
22 Marquez Jeff-6835----------p
23 Medina Yoervis-9138
24 Montero Jesus-9076
25 Noesi Hector-6806
26 Peguero Carlos-7000
27 Pryor Stephen-1323
28 Quiroz Guillermo-2409------acd
29 Robinson Trayvon-8148
30 Robles Mauricio-6531
31 Ruffin Chance-7361
32 Saunders Michael-7098------ap
33 Seager Kyle-9131
34 Smoak Justin-7222
35 Snow Forrest-9018
36 Thames Eric-7351
37 Triunfel Carlos-9133
38 Vargas Jason-3309----------p
39 Vasquez Anthony-7202
40 Wells Casper-6568
41 Wilhelmsen Tom-3205--------acd

a= Krukow Last Name announcement
c= Kuiper Full Name announcement
d= Kuiper Last Name announcement
p= PA Full Name announcement

Things you should do:

1. Download the latest roster. (Matching MVP12 mod)

2. Check the audio/photo ID numbers, verify they match your roster.

3. Back up the four files that get modified:

    /data/audio/cd/spch_pbp/pnamedat.big   (acd .dat files)

    /data/audio/spch_pbp/pnamehdr.big      (acd .hdr files)

    /data/audio/cd/spch_pa/pnamedat.big    (PA .dat files)

    /data/audio/spch_pa/pnamehdr.big       (PA .hdr files)

4. Use TiT to install.

5. Have some fun!


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