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As Y4L knows, I recently purchased a book named "Dynasty: The New York Yankees; 1949 - 1964" by Peter Golenbock. I'm only a quarter, if that, of the way through it and it is excellent. It is very well done, has very in-depth details and is a good history of the team from this time. Peter Golenbock's website has some more information here, where you can actually read a chapter excerpt from the book.

If you want to search for it, the ISBN is 0809223945.

I got my copy used from Alibris books for a couple of bucks and it is well worth it. It's on Amazon here.

It has details on players you probably haven't heard of like Joe Page, Vic Raschi and Allie Reynolds and has details on players you probably have heard of like Phil Rizzuto, Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio. All in all, I don't know much about the history of the Yankees, but I'm learning slowly with this book. I had just started reading the book and had just finished reading about Joe Page when, in that night's Yankees game, the AFLAC trivia question (I hate that damned duck :lol:) was about a Yankees reliever. The answer was, guess who, Joe Page. For the first time, I felt as if I actually knew who that was, when before, I would just have dismissed it as some old player I had never heard of.

Very good book - and I'm not even half-way through it. :D

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Mark and any other Yankees fans:

Have any of you read any of the following?

The Bronx Zoo by Sparky Lyle

The Goose is Loose by Goose Gossage

Balls by Graig Nettles & Golenbock

Any of a few Billy Martin titles

Reggie by Reggie Jackson

Loads upon loads of terrific stuff from Steinbrenner's first winning teams.

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I posted it before, but Amazon has Yankee Stadium: Drama, Glamor and Glory for the incredible price of $1. I got it within a few days theoretically used, but it really couldn't have been touched by anyone more than once. It's an excellent book with some great pictures, and it shows what a crying shame the 1976 monstrosity became.

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