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My 2005 Phillies Season


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Hey all. Well, this isn't exactly a new dynasty. I'm currently 112 games into my first season. I play out every game. Playing on all-star. I figured this would be a good time to share my dynasty, as I'll be coming down to the home stretch soon. I do have some ground to make up. I'm currently 60-52. 8.5 games out of first and 5.5 out of the wild card.

I always enjoy reading about other people's dynasties, as well as working on mine own. Almost as much as I enjoy playing the game. So I hope you enjoy it as well. I'll also be adding a weekly poll soon. So stay tuned.. ;)

Special thanks to RichK for his great utility!

Dynasty Page

Phils salvage a game against Milwaukee

Cory Lidle pitched a one-hitter to lead the Phillies past the Milwaukee Brewers 4-1 on Sunday. "We've haven't been playing well for the past eight or nine games. But we've got more life, and we enjoy playing right now," manager Charlie Manuel said. "I want to tell you, the worst is behind us."

Lidle (6-6) struck out fourteen and walked three in the complete game, his first this season and the sixth by Philadelphia. The right-hander came in 5-6 with a 3.45 ERA in 22 games this season. "It all starts with the pitching," Burrell said. "We haven't had too many guys that can throw complete games around here in the past."

The Phillies will have an off day Monday before heading out on a mini west coast trip. Which kicks off Monday night In Los Angeles. The Dodgers, currently 65-46, are 2 games back in the West.

Abreu may return to Phillies' lineup soon

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (AP) -- Bobby Abreu, who fractured his arm July 17th in Florida, could rejoin the team within a 2 weeks.

Dr. Lewis Yocum examined Abreu on Monday and said the right fielder's arm had improved. "I was very pleased with Abreu's progress and the prognosis is very favorable," said Yocum, the Phillie' medical director. "Bobby has done a lot of rehab work since suffering the injury.

"The possibility of his return within the week or two is optimistic, but definitely reasonable." Abreu, fractures his left arm when he ran into the wall at Florida chasing a foul pop in July. He was placed on the 15-day DL on July 17th.

Also Monday, Yocum examined out fielder Jason Michaels, who is on the DL with a torn knee meniscus. There was no indication of when he might rejoin the team.

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"Did you have to pay for that site"

No, Just for hosting.

"how do you post the images from sav reader onto a site"

When you export the player pages, check "pictures. Then place the images into the "PlayerPics" folder. Photo's need to be named in this format: "Firstname_Lastname.jpg" (case sensitive). The one's on my site are from espn.com. I've been renaming to work with the savreader output pages. So far, I have about 10 completed. If anyone wants them, I'll release them (if no one else does first) once it's complete.

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Phils sweep Dodgers

After going 1-7 in their previous eight games, the Phils have now won 4 in a row, including a 3-game sweep over the Dodgers (65-43), in LA.

Full Story

TEAM			 W	   L	   Win %  GB

Florida		 69	  45	  .605	--

Philadelphia	63	  52	  .548	6 1/2

New York		56	  58	  .491	13

Washington	  49	  65	  .430	20

Atlanta		 47	  68	  .409	22 1/2

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despite a 16-7 record so far in Sept, it could be too little, too late, for the fightins'. With just 6 games to play in the season, the Phils find themselves 5 games behind the 1st place Marlins, and 5.5 behind the Wild Card leaders.

Fun facts:

- Thome needs 4 HR's to reach 40+ in 5 straight seasons

- Billy Wagner needs 4 saves to become only the 7th player in MLB history to reach 50 saves.

- If the Phils can win two out of their last six games, it would be just their second 90+ win season in 22 years, and the first since the 1993 season.

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Phils fall short

Despite winning 21 out of their last 26, and a 94-68 overall record, 5th best in the Majors, the Phillies post season hopes fall short.

Post season Match ups





Season Awards

AL MVP: Manny Ramirez (BOS)

NL MVP: Barry Bonds (SF)

AL Cy Young: Jamie Moyer (SEA)

NL Cy Young: Billy Wagner (PHI)

AL ROY: Nick Swisher (OAK)

NL ROY: Ian Stewert COL)

Future of the league

I originally planned on playing just one full season, with roster's as close to real life as possible. This was why I had trades disabled. But now that the first season is in the books, I'm going to continue (at least for one more year)

I stil want to keep rosters some what real to life, so I put some ground rules in place. First, I can only sign one big name free agent. And three free agents overall. I can only make one trade during the off season, and it has to be a 1 for 1 deal.

Off season outlook

Phiilies free agents:

Padilla, Palonco, Rollins, Wagner, Myers, Utley, Worrell, Michaels, Fultz, Offerman, Madson, Byrd Pratt, T. Adams, and Perez.

Top priorities:

Sign Padilla, Rollins, Myers, Utley, and Madson to extensions. Also make offers Worrell, Michaels, and T. Perez.

The Phillies are not looking to resign Pratt, Fultz, Offerman, Wagner, Palonco, or Byrd.

On the block:

Ryan Howard -- preferably for a starting pitcher, relief pitcher, or middle infielder.

Thome -- If I can acquire for a top flight starter or center fielder. Howard would move to 1st base.

Sign a center fielder, middle reliever, or Starting pitcher.

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off season progress report

re-signed to phillies

T. Peresz 2 Years @ $500,000

R. Madson 2 Years @ $800,000

C. Utley 2 Years @ $400,000

B. Myers 2 Years @ $1.800,000

J. Rollins 2 Years @ $2.800,000

V. Padilla 2 Years @ $4.000,000

J. Michaels 1 Year @ $700,000

M. Byrd 2 Years @ $500,000

Phillies off season Free Agent Signings

U. Urbina -- 2Y@$3.60M/Y

B. Zito -- 3Y@$7.00M/Y

J. Cruz Jr. -- 3Y@$4.000K/Y

D. Segui -- 1Y@$700k/Y

J. Colome -- 3Y@$1.20M/Y

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