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  1. Well I dont think this closer roll is working to well for Ryan Madson, I mean on a 1 ball 2 strike count to Brain Roberts last night, Madson just decides to throw him a fastball dead down the middle and Roberts did not miss it. So a 5-3 lead in the 9th turned out to be a 6-5 loss. Way to go boys. I for am glad to see the Iranian people stand up for something and defie the Ayatollah. Good for them. I am waiting on Batman Arkham Asylum, the game looks to be a batman game like no other. Well I been lifting weights for like 3 months now and this week I started doing Cardio. My plan was to try and loss some weight so I'de be leaner. I was 198 lbs. when I started lifting and I lost 11lbs. in these three months. Iplan on trying to get to 180 lbs. and hopefully the cardio, eating protien, veggies and fruit along with the lifting will get me to my goal.
  2. I wanna wish everyone's wifes and mothers a Happy Mothers Day.
  3. - Im gonna keep it short. - I cant beleive Harry Kalas is gone, I mean Mike Schmidt couldnt of said it better yesterday at Harry's sevice at CBP. He said when Harry gets to the gates of heaven, God will great him and say " Job well done my good and faithful servant."
  4. - Happy Easter to eveyove here at MVPmods. - R.I.P Nick Adenhart and the others who passed away in the crash. Me being a parent myself, I dont know what I would do if anything ever happened to my kids. - Well baseball is back and I was hoping for a fast start from the Phills but I should of known better. - I know I said last week I would have the rest of the PS3 wallpapers done sometime but I just didnt have the time. I think I played the PS3 once this week, thats how busy I have been. I will get them done I promise. - Well it looks like the Flyers got the Penguins in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs starting wednesday, lets hope for a better result from last years playoffs.
  5. - Well yesterday my daughter had that NBA/WNBA skills challenge and she won first place in her age group. She got two free tickets to the Sixers game and was introduced on the court pre-game. Now this was the second one she had won in and the lady was explaining yesterday that other kids in the counrty are doing this aswell and if my daughters time trial lands in the top 4 of the other kids in country then she would go to Orlando Florida with all expences paid for her and a family member for the Finals. I am just sop proud of her and for a 11 year old girl, she is really becoming a good athlete. - Opening Day is here as Y4L said. I hope the Phills have another good year and stay healthy. - I am going to have to disagree with Y4L that Fenway is a garbage can. - Still lovin' MLB09 "The Show". I was playing the other night with the Oakland A's plaing host to the Texas Rangers and I was up 2-0 in the 7th when the Rangers came back to tie it. When I made my final out in the 8th I said to myself "watch Giambi lead off the bottom of the ninth with a walk off" and after taking the first pitch for a ball outside, the pitch tried to sneak a high inside fastball in on me and I killed it for the walk off. Got my first tropheys for the game with that walk off and was one of the few times I connected on a "power swing". - Got alittle busy this week and I am going to try and get the A.L. Central and A.L. West PS3 wallpapers up some time this week. - Only a few more games left in the NHL season and one of my favorite times of the year is upon us, the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. - Been having alittle trouble with my workout routine, my buddy around the block I go with has been bailing out on me later in the week for last couple of weeks and I depend on him for my ride. I walk to the GYM this morning witch I guess is good for me and its really not that far but I would prefer for my buddy to keep up and not miss workouts. I bought my first supplements Friday, I got a jug of 160 tablets of amino acids and a big jug of Muscle Milk so I have enough protien in me to teep me nice and strong.
  6. - One week boyz, one more week and baseball will be back. - You can always count on Fuzz to pop up this time of year. - I am still in aww with MLB 09 "The Show". - Cut back on drinking coffee to one cup a day and I normally drink (witch I am doing now) it first thing in the morning. I guess its good for me but I just hate the feeling I get as soon as I am done that cup... "I cant wait til the next morning just so I can have another". - Been lifting weights and I have noticed a real difference, I mean it's only been over like a month now but check this out. Since I been going to the Gym, like the first day I signed up I started to do pushups and that first day and I am not going to lie to ya, I stuggled to get 10 pushups, so last night I wanted to see how many I could do in a row and this is what I did. I did 40 pushups, and while doing them I decide to do sets. I did 40, 30, 20 and 10 in a matter of a half hour. So that 100 pushups and since its Sunday I decide to go to the Gym this morning and do some leg and ab workouts. - My 11 year old daughter did this NBA/WNBA skills challenge thing at our neighborhood playground, where they had different drills they ran and stuff like that. Well My daughter won first place in the fastest dribbling competition. Now I got a call last Friday from the people running this thing and that they want to invite my daughter to the next one they have and every kid who comes gets 2 tickets to the Sixers game that afternoon when they play the Pistons. Not only that, the kids who get first place in each competition will get to go on the Sixers court for a pregame ceremony.
  7. Stephen Lynch, if you dont know him I suggest you check him out. Very funny stuff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPdFrW076R0
  8. Well I for one am excited that Pitchers and Catchers reported yesterday. Cant wait for this thing to get started up. I am eagerly awaiting the release of MLB 09 The Show, from what I have seen from the demo this is going to be the best thing since MVP 05.
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    WOW this is a total overhaul.
  10. Two new teams in the WS was different for the better, even a different outcome in the Phills/Dodgers NLCS I still would of enjoyed the WS. I understand it wasnt a high rated WS but being from Philly and I am sure I can speek for those in Tampa that it was great seeing our teams in the big show. I am still in aww that The Phills won it all and I am so happy its not even funny. The Parade was Friday and so was Halloween but here in Philly you would not of known it was Halloween. I had Jury Duty Friday but I skipped it just to make sure I would be at that Parade. One of the best moment for me Friday was Chase Utley's speech and I know some think it was uncalled for cause of Children but hey if waited this long who cares, and the thing that make it so great is that Utley doesnt talk alot he would let his play do the talking, to show that emotion was the greatest moment for me. I also wanna congradulate the Rays on a great season. You guys are gonna be force for years to come. I am looking forward to the NXE for xbox live coming this month (the 19th I beleive) and the Eagles play on Thanksgiving night on the NFL network. Christmas is right around the corner and I cant wait for it to come and go cause being a Parent for two girls, me and my ol' lady really stress ourselfs out big time around this time of year.
  11. 543 downloads

    THANKS: I wanna throw some thanks out. First and formost I wanna thank Homer for the awsome cyberface tutorial he put out, because before that I was lost in the sauce with making cyberfaces,. I also wanna thank Kraw for the TIT program that makes it very easy to import files into the game and takes away the hassle of deal- ing with compressing. I wanna throw shots out to the MVPmods and EAmods co- mmunity for everyones hard work on a three year old game we all love. Guys let me know if it works, it should.
  12. WWE sould of somehow gotta Sting there. Maybe a one day contract or something cause the Sting/Flair battles were classic.
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