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Smells Like Team Spirit: A Mariners Dynasty


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Hey Everyone. You might remember my Royals Owner, but probably not :p . The reason, imo, of why it got boring for me is because I didn't really care about them. But now I am doing a Mariners dynasty, because I love the Mariners, and I know I will finish this out. I also enjoy the Tacoma Rainiers, and I will always play their games and feature them when the Mariners are not playing.

I will be using the now famous LUAL setup. It appears to be the best way to do this.

I plan to include a new and exciting featue to this dynasty, maybe it will become revolutionary. Notice the title? It sounds like a famous song by the Seattle Band Nirvana right? Seattle has had many musical talents in its fine city. At the start of a new homestand, or whenever I play in a new city, I will feature a new musical group or person from the area. For example if I am in Boston I might do the band Boston, or in Detroit I might do Eminem.

Hope you are looking forward to this is much as I am!


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I will be using the now famous LUAL setup. It appears to be the best way to do this.

i knew i should of copyrighted my layout

id be a millionaire :lol:

g/l mate - ill be reading with interest :)

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Music Update 1:

Location: Seattle, WA

Time in location: April 4- April 10

Opponent(s): Minnesota Twins, Texas Rangers

Band: Nirvananirvana6ha.th.jpg

Most popular album: Nevermind nevermind7uq.th.jpg (I blocked out the kid's private area)

Nirvana was actually formed in Aberdeen, Washington-about 100 miles away from Seattle. It started when lead singer/guitarist Kurt Cobain met bassist Krist Novoselic in 1985. They were connected by their love of punk, and actually met through Olympia based punk band the Melvin's. The two formed a band called the Stiff Woodies :lol: . Kurt actually played drums and they alternated guitarists. Kurt became guitarist and the band named changed to Skid Row. They went through drummers Aaron Burkhart, Chad Channing, and Dan Peters to finally get to Dave Grohl, who sticked.

Their first album Bleach(recorded with Channing) sold 35,000 copies in 1989, and made the band popular among the people they would later become an example of, generation X. Album 2, Sliver/Dive (recorded with Peters), did ok. But it was album 3, Nevermind, that became the staple of the group. It featured the hit song Smells Like Teen Spirit. Kurt got married to Hole's singer Courtney Love, and things went downhill. The press was all over Kurt and his heroin abuse, not to mention the scandal of Courtney using it during pregnancy. Kurt tried to commit suicide several times, and on April 5, 1994 Kurt died. The official reports are of suicide, but there is speculation of murder.

Grohl went on to form the current band the Foo Fighters, and Novoselic formed the band Sweet 75.

Nirvana remains as one of the top bands of not just the 90s, but the history of rock.

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Looking forward to reading your progress, Kev. Hey, did you know that they released Evert about a month ago? I think it was the same day (or within a few days) they released Delluchi. Anyway, can't wait to see how your M's do. Mine struggle (not to mention the fact that I accidentally saved over the top on Monday morning). Good luck!

Also, who's closing for Tacoma if you've got George at setup?

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Wow thanks Oly, I didn't know about Evert or Delluchi :oops: . I will release them asap. I have Soriano at closer because I think its important for a closer to throw hard. I like George to setup against leftys.

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A Walkoff...............WALK?

The Mariners Win 1-0 on a Randy Winn Base on Balls


Great Defense like this play by Boone kept the score low


The twins show their distaste of losing 1-0

The 1-0 score was very misleading. The Twins had 11 hits, while the Mariners had 7. Of those 7 hits, 4 of them were by Ichiro Suzuki. The last inning started with a walk by Willy Bloomquist, a single by pinch hitter Dave Hansen, a single by Ichiro, and ended with a 3-1 count and Randy Winn drawing the walk. Johan Santana was in CY Young form, recording 11ks. The loss goes to Rincon, and the win to Ron Villone.

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Pinero pitches a gem

Mariners win another 1-0.



Ibanez gives some props for the jack; Boone and Raul laugh about the pitch location.

This is not exactly what Mariners fans expected. Oh they are cool with the wins, thats no problem. But it is HOW they are winning. With the free agent signings of Beltre and Sexson, the Ms expected high scoring shoot outs with octane o. The pitching staff was suppose to be a joke. Not so fast my friend!(NCAA Football 2006 coming out July 12 :D ). Joel Pinero, whos stock has gone down ever since being the highest rated Mariners pitcher in MVP 2004, pitched a complete game shutout.

"I didnt expect to pitch a whole game," Pinero said "but my arm felt great and Grover stuck with me."

The lone run was caused by a Raul Ibanez solo shot.

"He threw it up and in, so I pulled it to right field." Other than that control freak Brad Radke was impressive too.

The Mariners look to sweep the Twins tommorow in a 3:35 afternoon game. After that the Texas Rangers come to town.

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Good call with Leone batting 3rd, he should develop nicely for ya.

I 100% agree Gud. If I were the GM of the Mariners in the off season he would have been the starting 3b, alternating with Willie Bloomquist. I wasnt a fan of the Belte signing because of all the left side infielders we already had that are major league caliber (Leone, Bloomquist, Morse, Valdez, Lopez, Santiago, Dobbs). I agreed with the Sexson signing, I just would have liked to have seen Beltre's money put into a starting pitcher. Don't ask me about Pokey Reese :? .

what difficulty ya using?

MVP, straight up. I will be adjusting as I go.

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Hey everybody

While this site was going through reconstruction, I decided to modify my dynasty. I restarted as an owner mode, with hopes of making a more enjoyable reading experience for you guys. I will keep up the music updates because those are just cool. So I hope you guys enjoy meeting Kevattac, the teenage wonder-owner.

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Local Teen Head of Mariners

Tacoma News-Tribune Staff

A Local teen, who is known by the alias Kevattac, has acquired the ownership rights to the Seattle Mariners and the Buffalo Bills. He will also become the Athletic Director of the University of Kentucky. How did he do this? The News Tribune has this exclusive interview.

News Tribune: describe yourself

Kevattac: I am just an average guy who loves sports. I also love the local sports scene, and I acquired my love of the UK Wildcats after living in Lexington for 9 years. My parents are from the Buffalo area, so my love of the Bills is genetic. In school I really enjoy Social Studies.

NT: And it was a report in Social Studies that got you this great deal.

K: Yeah, I did a report and presentation on the country of North Korea. It was very good; I spent many hours on it. Then the night I got the paper back, armed men came in through my window and jacked the paper along with myself. I joined them on a trip to the White House, and met the President. He explained to me that the Government’s intelligence was sooooooo lacking that my report became the best source of information to acquire without using spies or warfare. He said that as a token of gratitude for my service to my country, he would give me anything.

NT: Anything?

K: Yes anything.

NT: And you chose to become an owner and athletic director, that’s it?

K: Simply put yes. But I also get the benefits of actually owning the teams with out paying for them, and I get to go to any college of my choice.

NT: That’s a great deal. What are your thoughts on your teams?

K: The Mariners had a rough year last year, but the players are there. My first act as owner will be to appoint myself GM so I can shape the team into the team I know it can be. The Bills had a good year last year, but with many off-season moves they are now a new team. The UK Basketball team is always in the upper tier, with coach Tubby Smith. The UK football team has come off bad seasons, but I look for Rich Brooks to get things done this year.

NT: Thank you for your time Kev.

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:coffee: Chats in the Office :coffee:

Part 1: Kev Meets the Grover

New owner Kevattac is sitting in his office with a smile on his face, he gets to get out of school to meet his manager Mike Hargrove. A knock on the door sounds the coming of the old skipper.

“Come in please Mr. Hargrove.â€

Grover sits down, he seems annoyed and confused. His boss is young enough to be his grandson. Nervous himself and not lacking manners, he speaks first.

“Mr. Hargrove we are both new to this organization and it is important that we get off on good terms. You are a great coach and I will keep you on for sure. I hope that my age does not concern you. I have realistic goals for this team.†:hail:

“It is great to hear those things Kev. I was worried about the situation, and that you would be an irresponsible owner. What are your goals? :huh:

“The previous owner and GM spent a lot on the offense this year. As a result I am looking for far more offense then last year. The pitching staff is respectable, but not great. I am not expecting things from the staff, but I wouldn’t mind being surprised.†:wtg:

“Great Kev, I will see you at Spring Training.†:wtg:

“O yeah, about that. The MLB has decided that there will be no Spring Training this year. They day that it would be a waste of money and that no one goes.†:roll:

“But fans do go, and how will I get my team ready?†:mad:

“No idea, good luck with that Coach.†:eew:

Grover leaves the room really pissed; before he goes through the door Kev adds one more thing.

“Coach this year marks the 10 year anniversary of the 95 “Refuse to Loose†team. There will be random promotions going on through out the whole year.†:hic:

“I know, I managed the team that beat this stupid franchise!†:mad:


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Earthquake shocks the city of Seattle

USA Today Staff

An Earthquake with a magnitude of 4.0 struck the city of Seattle at 1:00 PM Pacific Time. The Earthquake was centered right under the pitchers mound of Safeco Field, home of the Mariners. The earthquake was small enough to cause only one structural damage and no injuries. The one structural damage was the ballpark itself. Walls, steel beams, and many other things came crashing down. It has been determined that the park is unsafe to play at, and in fact it has been recommended that baseball never again be played at that spot because of the newly discovered fault line. Football at the local Quest Field can continue because the fault line ironically ends right at Safeco Field. Qwest Field, home of the NFL Seahawks, is reported to have been constructed more soundly and is safe to play in. There is no report of a possible lawsuit by the Mariners against the construction compan


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:coffee: Chats in the Office :coffee:

Part 2: Kev meets the Righty Sluggers

Kevattac is nervously wasting his time playing the newly released MVP Baseball 2005 on his office PC. The door knocks; he shuts down his computer and says “Come in fellas.â€

In the door walks Adrian Beltre, Richie Sexson, and Bret Boone. Adrian and Richie are new to the team, while Bret is the veteran.

“What’s on your mind kid?†the cocky Bret Boone asks “We are burning daylight in this shitty office.†:hmph:

“W-W-Well B-B-Bret, I was going to talk to about the new stadium.†:doh:

“Yes how is it looking†asks Sexson. :chin:

“Okay I have actually made it just for you guys. The Left field wall is below 300 ft. so that we can score more runs by the bomb. The walls themselves are ivy covered, just like Wrigley Field. The crowd capacity will start out small because it is a converted Little League Field. It will be called Lake Washington Field because it overlooks Lake Washington. In fact you can see Bellevue from the right of home plate, and you can see the shipyards and Quest Field to the left. When it gets bigger I can see it becoming one of the finest parks in the MLB. You like that Adrian?:eew:


“Well………………….ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……okay that’s all I have for you guys. Thanks for coming. Oh Brett, stay behind.†:doh:

The others leave while Bret has a seat.

“You are the cockiest ***** I know Bret.†:wall:

“Thanks, what is the point?†:wtg:

“I like that attitude in a player. I wish everyone has that. Because of your attitude and your experience with this club, you have been named team captain.†:wtg:

“Nice work kid, you won’t regret it.â€:eek:

Bret leaves and Kev feels more confident about this gig.

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Press Conference 1: Grover releases roster

Kev: Thank you for coming everybody. This will be a fairly short press conference about what Manager Mike Hargrove wants to do with his roster. I support him 100% because it is his team, and I am just 15.

Reporter 1: Mike can you give us a starting lineup?

Mike: Yeah, as it has been for the last few years Ichiro will lead off. Randy Winn will be in the 2 hole because I prefer to have a more experienced player batting 2 then say rookie Jeremy Reed, who will bat 7. Beltre batted 3rd at the end of last year, so that’s where h should stay. Sexson is another RBI producer so he is cleanup. Raul Ibanez bats 5th to put a lefty in between rightys, while Boonie will bat 6th. As I said before Reed is 7th, while rookie Mike Morse will play short stop and bat 8th. Veteran Pat Borders closes things up.

Reporter 2: Coach, how will you use your role players? Especially Willie Bloomquist, who is good enough to start for must major league clubs, and yet he barely plays.

Mike: I have a very good way of getting playing time to players who deserve it. At the beginning of each series the starters I named will play. But whoever does not get a hit that night will find themselves on the bench the next night, unless there are so many players to not get a hit that I will give mercy to them.

(Crowd laughs)

Reporter 3: Coach what about your pitching staff?

Mike: Jamie Moyer will start the year for us. He unfortunately is the only lefty starter. The rest are righties, and a mixture of young and old. The rest are, in order, Joel Pinero, Gil Meche, Aaron Sele, and Ryan Franklin. The closer is of course Eddie Guardado.

Reporter 1: What about Bobby Madritsch? He pitched really well last year, and he is in Tacoma?

Mike: Bobby had an injury towards the end of last year, so we are slowly nursing him back to health.

Kev: Thanks for coming everybody, hope to see you at the game tomorrow.

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