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Kauffman Stadium WIP (need help with OEdit!!)

Royal Blues

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Hey guys,

rspencer86 and I are working on Kauffman. Haven't had too much progress, but it's already looking a lot better than what EA put out.

Changes so far:

-fixed color on outfield wall and walls around bullpens and water fountains

-photorealistic scoreboard with lineup

-added #42 and Jackie Robinson's "autograph" under the jumbotron...EA just had a 142 there and no autograph

-new ads

To be done:

-more ads

-grass, dirt and sky

-quite a bit of work in OEdit

Kauffman seems to be the stadium least affected by EA "standards", so it shouldn't be too hard and shouldn't take too long to get knocked out.

What do you guys think so far?



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I changed the distance markers on the outfield walls because the Royals moved the fences back 10 feet during the offseason, which apparently EA wasn't notified of.

I also changed the color of the warning track to a more reddish color.



Once I learn how to work with OEdit, many more changes and improvements will be made.


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Ok, Ryan and I have gotten pretty much as far along as we can without using OEdit, so here's a call-to-arms for Renegade (can't ever seem to catch you on Yahoo man), EZorn, Trues, Pirate...just need a basic run-through on how to get started...I'm a quick learner and can get going rather quickly. If someone's out there, either PM me, reply here, or catch me on one of my messengers. Thanks in advance :D

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probably not by the 6th, but i'll do my best. i've had some major major computer problems over the last couple of months...had to reformat three times and finally buy a new motherboard/cpu.

i'm finally able to sit down and get back to work on this. also working on some unis at the same time, mostly negro leagues.

as far as the freeway, it's already there...kinda. if i can get some shots of it behind the water spectacular i'll definitely fix it up. it needs cars on it, lol. also need pics of the watson's hottub and the whole area behind there (my brain is dead...i know what it's called but can't think of it at the moment). also need good pics of the concession stands behind what used to be GA. at the moment i don't have the money to go to a game, so any help with pics would be appreciated.

thanks for the compliment bill. the only problem with the scoreboard is stretching at the bottom left corner, where the number of outs is. if you look closely enough, you can see it. i'm trying to find a way to work around that.

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also, if anybody can get a new shot of the scoreboard dead on, that would be awesome. the one i have is obviously not current, as it still has beltran, gonzo and santiago on it.

it needs to be dead on though, because i think the angle i took my shot with is causing the stretching.

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