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  1. I agree. This should be stickied. I can't count the number of times I've had to dig around in eagraph just to find a slot number for a Minor League team.
  2. 293 downloads

    This pack includes over 20 uniforms, dating from the '69 Seattle Pilots to the '99 season. Please read the readme first for uniform and installation information. As always, feedback is always welcome and appreciated. Enjoy!
  3. 1,099 downloads

    This set contains 26 uniforms, starting from 1977, including pretty much every uniform the Blue Jays have ever worn up to their current threads. Also included are the '80s and '03 batting practice uniforms, 1996 and 2006 Canada Day uniforms, and an unused alternate uniform from 1997. Please be sure to read the readme before installing these. Enjoy!
  4. As I've already pm'ed Kraw on this, I'll be working on Minor League uniforms. That being said, I will more than likely only be doing home and road unis for most of the teams rather than an entire package of alts and bp unis. The only two reasons for this are the amount of time I have to work with this (unless bully is willing to get back at it), and the fact that there is so little reference out there. For that matter, a lot of teams don't even have reference of their basic uniforms. On another note, Hory, I haven't stopped by your thread yet concerning crowd chants...is that part of that "audio" that was mentioned as being included? Apart from that, the only thing I can think of is changing the audio during the 7th inning stretch (I'm pretty sure that's not possible) to Harry Carey singing it, or something else. The only problem with that would be it getting old after awhile to some people...
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