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  1. Sorry of this is the wrong place, but I've searched in several threads and haven't seen anything on this. With team logos, many of the ones I have (Astros, Blue Jays, some others) are the original ones. How do I download the current ones and replace the old ones? I searched the downloads and found the 2017logos.zip file, and downloaded it. I have the list of fsh files, l121.fsh, l076.fsh and so on, the whole list. But where do I install those in the MVP Baseball 2005 files? I've successfully downloaded and installed many uniforms and stadiums but can't tell where to put these files so I can replace those old logos. Can anyone advise or direct me to a thread or link I missed? Thanks.
  2. This is great! Thanks for doing that. Do you happen to have the road version of that uniform? Basically the same uniform with the same scripting except the base color is the road gray?
    Great unis, but how come for the black SF and the gray SF uniforms, the batting helmet didn't get loaded? When at the plate they have on their caps.
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