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Capitol Punishment: A Nationals Dynasty


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HFLR Washington Nationals News

Welcome everybody youre watching HFLR Washington Nationals News were going to watch the scores of this season for the Nationals, Teams injury reports and much more


Rosters: Ultimate Rosters 3.5

RFK Stadium: By Pirate

Portaits: Total Portaits 2005-Washington Nationals 1.2

Difficulty: MVP

Fielding: Manual

Hot/Cold Strike zone: Off

CPU Iniciated Trades: On

Trade Deadline: On

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Lets see the team


1B N.Jonhson and W.Cordero

2B J.Vidro

SS C.Guzman

3B V.Castilla and J.Carroll

RF J.Guillen

CF B.Wilkerson

LF R.Church and T.Sledge

C B.Schneider and G.Benett


SP1 L.Hernandez

SP2 E.Loaiza

SP3 Z.Day

SP4 J.Patterson

SP5 J.Rauch

LR T.Okha

LR C.Vargas

MR G.Majewski

MR T.J.Tucker

MR H.Carrasco

SU A.Osuna

SU L.Ayala

CP C.Cordero

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sry all Montreal people and Canada people


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Game 1 @ PHI

The National's Debut

Welcome to the first Washington Nationals ball game.

This game features the Washington Nationals and the Philadelphia Philies

in the 3rd inning the nationals score their first run, and their first hit, with a Brad Wilkerson Homerun, in the 4th inning Vinny Castilla goes deep, and the Natl's are up by 2, in the bottom of the 5th the Philies drive in a run cutting the Natl's lead 2-1 then in the bottom of the 6th D.Bell hits a 2 run HR and the next batter C.Utley hits another HR, Phi leads 4-2 next inning J.Thome slides in second base blocking the Double-play but he has to leave the game with an inflamed elbow, and the Philies drive in other putting the score 5-2(they score 3 runs later) and in the 9th inning the Natl's drive in 2 runs but it wasn't enough because they lose 7-4


B.Wilkerson & N.Johnson HR (1) and RBI (1) each

V.Castilla HR (1) and 2RBI (2)


L.Hernandez 6.0IP 10H 4R 4ER 1SO 3HR

H.Carrasco 2.0IP 6H 3R 3ER 1HR

C.Cordero 0.0IP 0R 0ER*

*used on a double switch in the 9th inning


	   R	 H	 E

WAS	4	 5	 0

PHI	7	16	 2


Above:The Nationals are pretty angry because they lose in their debut

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Game 2 @ PHI Natl's trying to win their first game


Vinny Castilla (WAS) is out in home trying to beat the throw of Endy Chavez (PHI) and the Natl's lose another with the Philies

The Philies yesterday loose a big defensive and offensive player (J.Thome) the natl's think that without him they can beat the Pihilies

C.Guzman hits a double against Wolf, R.Church scores and hte natl's were leading 1-0 in the top of the 3rd

Party for the Philies in the bottom of the 4th, they score 3 runs against Loaiza and the Natl's give the lead to the Philies

Osuna is the next pitcher for the Natl's he finished the 6th and throw the 7th he given up 2 runs. Hector Carrasco called up from the AAA yesterday pitched a perfect inning

J.Carroll pinch hit for C.Guzman hits a homer and the natl's lose another.


C.Guzman 2B, 1RBI

J.Carroll PH Home Run (1)


E.Loaiza (L 0-1) 5.2IP 4H 3R 3ER 1SO 2HR 4.77ERA

A.Osuna 1.1IP 4H 2R 2ER 0SO 13.50ERA

H.Carrasco 1.0IP 0ER 0SO 0BB 9.00ERA

Box Score

	  R	 H	 E

WAS   3	 6	 0

PHI   5	 8	 0

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Game 3 @ PHI

A "National" sweep


P.Polanco(PHI) drives in J.Rollins(PHI) in a double in the 10th inning for the game winning run to sweep the natl's

This game was televised to all the US and other places of the globe.

the game was filled with runs and homers like Vinny Castilla (3HRs 3RBI's)

and also Z.Day the pitcher hits a Triple with the bases loaded!!!

this was the expresion of the Natl's manager: :loco:

but it wasn't enough, again :mad:


Z.Day 3B 3RBI's

V.Castilla 3HR's 3RBI's


Z.Day 5.1IP 11H 9R 9ER 2BB 1SO 3HR 15.19ERA

H.Carrasco 1.2IP 1H 1BB 1SO 5.79ERA

A.Osuna 0.1IP 1H 1BB 0SO 10.80ERA

L.Ayala 1.1IP 3H 1R 1ER 1BB 0SO 6.75ERA

Box Score

	  R   H   E

WAS   9  11   2

PHI  10  16   0

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Party in florida!!! (but for the Marlins)


T.Sledge is angry because the Natl's put him in the trading block and the loss against the marlins.

Dontrelle Willis almost perfect in his game pitched it complete and the Marlins win the first one of the series

the Marlins offensive explodes (just see C.Vargas ERA)




J.Patterson 4.1IP 12H 8R 8ER 0SO 3HR 16.62ERA

C.Vargas 0.1IP 5H 5R 5ER 0SO 2HR 135.00ERA*(this is not a joke)

T.Tucker 2.1IP 3SO 0ER 0.00ERA

H.Carrasco 1.0IP 3H 1R 1ER 1HR 6.35ERA

Box Score

	  R  H   E

WAS   0  2   0

FLA  14 20   0

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Game 5 @ FLA

Natl's lose game 5 in a "Run Fest"


A.Osuna: he can hit but not pitch

The Natl's lose another series an they are on a 5 game loosing streak

in a "Run Fest" of 11 inning the Nationals have another lose in their season.

This was B.Schneider big day with a Grand Slam and B.Wilkerson hits 1HR 12B 3RBI's

I think its an MLB Record because the Florida Marlins hit 32 hits in the game and the Nationals hit 20 hits.


A.Osuna 2B

B.Wilkerson 1HR, 2B, 3RBI's

B.Schneider GS(1) 5RBI's


J.Rauch 4.0IP 11H 6R 3ER 0BB 2SO 6.75ERA

G.Majewski 1.0IP 2H 2R 2ER 1SO 1HR 18.00ERA

T.Tucker 1.0IP 7H 4R 3ER 0SO 1HR 8.10 ERA

A.Osuna 2.0IP 4H 1R 1ER 0SO 1HR 7.36ERA

C.Cordero 2.0IP 8H 1R 1ER 1SO 3.38ERA


im a Red Sox Fan too and, if the Yanks win the World Series this year ill use this image in all my posts:


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First win, finaly


Nationals win their first game!!!

the natl's win their first game against the florida marlins and their season record is 1-5.

V.Castilla the 37 year old hits a blast of 440ft. in the middle part of the Pro... well the Dolphins Stadium and they won that game 6-2

L.Hernandez gets the first win of the season for the natl's.


V.Castilla HR(5)*the fist to get to the 5th HR of the season


L.Hernandez 9.0IP 4H 2R 2ER 3BB 7SO 2HR 3.60ERA

Box Score

	R   H   E

WAS 6  11   0

FLA 2   4   3

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Nationals take the game with 9 runs


C.Cordero gets his first save of the Season.

The Natl's win another one this time against the Atlanta Braves a big rival team for the Natl's because they are the defending NL East Champions

R.Church hits 1GS and J.Carroll hits another of 2 runs

H.Carrasco has an injury pitching in the 8th inning.


J.Carroll 1HR (2), 2RBI (3)

R.Church 1HR (2), 5RBI (8)


E.Loaiza 7.2IP 5H 0ER 2BB 5K 2.03ERA

H.Carrasco 0.1IP 0H 0ER 1K 6.00ERA

C.Cordero 1.0IP 1H 1R 1ER 1HR 0K 4.91ERA

Injuries: H.Carrasco 1day in DL

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game 2 @ ATL

Going 4 the sweep tomorrow


A PH homerun for T.Sledge.

T.Sledge homers in the right field off Smoltz and winning their third consecutive game.


R.Church 1HR(3) 1RBI(9)

T.Sledge Pinch hit HR(1) 1RBI(1)


Z.Day 8.0IP 3H 1R 1ER 1HR 6.75ERA

C.Cordero 1.0IP 2H 1K 3.86ERA

Box Score

	R  H  E

WAS 2  2  0

ATL 1  5  2

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First game in RFK Stadium this season!!!


V.Castilla (mexicano) :mexican: first homerun in RFK

V.Castilla hits the first homerun in the 1st inning. J.Rauch pitched a good game but in a 0-2 count to A.Cintron he has an injury with a separated shoulder.

The Natl's called up T.Armas Jr. to be the SP No5


J.Spivey 2B 1RBI

V.Castilla HR(8)


J.Rauch 7.2IP 9H 2R 2ER 3K 1HR 3.86ERA

H.Carrasco(w) 0.1IP 4H 0K 6.00ERA

C.Cordero(sv)1.0IP 0K 1.93ERA

Injuries: J.Rauch 48 Days on DL

Called up:T.Armas Jr. (SP5)

Box Score

	R  H  E

ARI 2 13  0

WAS 3  9  0

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