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Holy cow! I did it!


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Wow I just finished my first season in dynasty mode, but for the first time ever I played every game!! I usually play the Phillies but for some reason when I first got the game I took the Yankees :roll: in dynasty mode thinking I would play the Phils in owner. Finding owner kind of crappy I went back to the Yanks and stayed with it!! Over the course of the season I found my sliders on All-star around the AS break and used RGLass and KSM's DATA files.

I finished second 95-67, 2 GB from Boston. Pavano won the CY Young going 20-8 2.12 ERA with 12 CG and 7 SHO, Johnson finshed second in votes going 18-4 2.25. Rodriqeuz lead the league in HR's with 49 and Sheffield had 48! The pithching was way too easy despite many slider adjustments and useing the DATA walk fix, I only gave up 34 walks the whole year...lol Johnson was 2nd in the AL in K's with 197. I can't believe I lost 1st to the Sox I had a 5 game lead going into September but fell apart with injuries to Jeter, Brown and Giambi (he actually missed most of the season) also my bullpen crapped out Rivera had 5 BS in the last 20 games!! and the rest well.....

Anyways this is a big thing for me I usually play 30-40 games a season and sim the rest so I can get in 5 or 6 seasons, oh and with the Phils!! So I'm off to the playoffs against the Angels :eew: . BTW Trenton and Tampa are in the playoffs as well!! Wish me luck :)

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