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The Latest EZorn Fenway


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OK guys,

I've finally gotten back to work on this. I hesitate to promise any date, but I'll do my best to get it out by Friday (I'm out of town this weekend). And if I'm late, well, I'll give it to you free!

Here's a preview of things to come:


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I can't seem to remember but I thought the glass on the John Hancock building was mirrored and you couldn't see the lights from the inside at night. I may be wrong.....




NOPE, you were right ezorn. Found this one on the net.


Hey check this one out....sorry about the size!!!


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Yeah, my John Hancock is taken directly from a photo, so I'd be pretty surprised if it was wrong ;)

It could be wrong in its orientation or placement, though -- in fact, I'm pretty sure that the buildings should be further over to the right. But I like being able to see them, so I'm going to keep them where they are :lol:

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Well, as I predicted, I wasn't able to finish it last night. Just spent too much time doing laundry, packing for my trip, and watching porn. Haha!

I'm out of town until Tuesday -- I'll post another update when I get back.

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OK, guys, I am very close now. Just need to fix a few things on the night version, put the crowd on the RF roof, and make a couple of changes on the day version for things I've added while working on the night version. Here are some new screenies.

3rd base line DAY:


3rd base line NIGHT:


Polished Sports Authority/Volvo signs:


Compare with:


Day scoreboard (night version has different rotating ads, but the screenie isn't ready yet -- I still have to move the jumbotron); hardcore Red Sox fans will also notice that the garage doors are now correct and appropriately distinct from each other!


The girlfriend (aka the time vacuum) is out of town until Thursday, so I'd be shocked if I don't have it out by then. FINALLY.

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