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Manager faces


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You guys that do such a great job on providing faces....maybe there are some opportunities to make improvements to many of the team managers.

A few that I have seen, like Brenly and Tracy aren't too bad...but Dusty Baker, Tony LaRussa and Art Howe (for example) could sure use a face lift.

Just a thought.

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rollie grate and been helping me out this week too. he helped me get thew adding a new uniform to the game that was there before. one i made as has alt uniform.

turns out the problem was fairly minor why i couldn't get it in the first time around, but i got it in with his help.

i think they even have a couple mangers at the major leauge level that look like there gerntic faces.

if you give a day i moght find some headshots. who are three most pressing mangers your looking for, and what kind angles of the phto are you looking for, ie front, side, something in between. i not sure i can find what you need, but be glad to to try!

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