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Lucky 13 and looking for more: Braves Dyansty


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Record: 3-11

Last Series: swept @ Astros

Next Series: @ Nationals

Current roster

Starting Lineup vs. righties

Rafael Furcal SS

Kelly Johnson LF

Marcus Giles 2B

Andruw Jones CF

Chipper Jones 3B

Adam LaRoche 1B

Jeff Francouer RF

Johnny Estrada C

Starting Lineup vs. lefties

Rafael Furcal SS

Marcus Giles 2B

Andruw Jones CF

Chipper Jones 3B

Julio Franco 1B

Jeff Francouer RF

Johnny Estrada C

Ryan Langerhans LF


Wilson Betiment IF

Eddie Perez C

Brian Jordan OF

Pete Orr IF


John Smoltz R

Mike Hampton L

Tim Hudson R

Horaico Ramirez L

John Thomson R


Adam Berenro R

Jim Brower R

Kyle Farnsworth R/ setup

John Foster L

Jorge Sosa R

Chris Restima R/closer


Rafael Furcal- out until 4/30 with strained ribcage.

Game Settings:

Difficulty:  Pro (after 5th game)

Sliders:	 Whipped mine from my brain....lol

Datafile:	None 

Rosters:	 UR 2.53 with a frenchy twist

Other:	   StrikeZone OFF / Hot Colds FADE / Pitch Cursor ON / Fielding MANUAL

Features: Series Pre-spective with a Braves announcer; Frenchy diary with Jeff Francoeur; Marc Fein Report and more....

note: this page will be a main source page as a summary for the season thus far.

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Schuerholz Out as GM, Martinez In

ajc6my.jpgMarch 15, 2005

Braves ownership has fired General Manager John Schuerholz and replaced him and his staff with Jamie Martinez, a Molecular Biology major at Juno Beach University near Palm Beach, Florida. The official announcement will be made this week, and Martinez is getting his GM team ready.


John Schuerholz was suprisingly fired by Time Warner yesterday, most likely bad for mouthing ownership.

Although what exactly happened is unknown, Schureholz apparently complained about the low payroll given to him by Time Warner, the team’s current owners, saying it was “appalling that I have to work in such bad conditions knowing how much the company makes per yearâ€. Apparently, the execs at TW were very unhappy at this statement, as his dismissal was announced yesterday, along with the rest of his GM staff.

TW met Martinez at the Braves spring training game in Jupiter against the Cardinals on Monday. The junior at Juno Beach University was enjoying an afternoon off “while my friends were taking a Genetics test which I got a 92 onâ€, when he was suddenly approached by Time Warner executives. He was hired on the spot, as Time Warner stated in a press release that “we want to save as much money as possible on the Braves to avoid a massive debt for this team.â€


Jaime Martinez getting an autograph from Chipper Jones moments before he was approached by Time Warner excecutives. Photo by Jamie Martinez.

The team gave Martinez free reign and an $80 million dollar payroll to work with. He still plans to go to school full time, regarding his GM job as another job. He has hired three assistants on his GM team, also students at Juno Beach University, Alex, Justin and Seth (last names omitted), and will also be on the payroll. “I just want to have fun with my new GM job with the Atlanta Braves and help them become winners.â€

The 19 year old GM surpasses Theo Epstien as the youngest GM in baseball history by nine years, and will attend opening day at Dolphins Stadium in Miami.

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College Kids Hyper on Moves

bravescom0me.jpgMarch 22, 2005

Braves General Manager Jamie Martinez has only has his job for a week, but already has a few moves brewing with his staff around the Juno Beach Starbucks.

Nick Green to Tampa Bay for Jorge Sosa

The Braves need bullpen help and trading a utility player may be the way to help out a gaping hole, since Pete Orr is waiting in the wings, a very smart move by this team.

Releasing Raul Mondesi

Martinez thinks that Mondesi will be too old to help this team out at any benefit, so he has released him effective tomorrow. Up and coming Kelly Johnson will replace him in right field.

Releasing Tom Martin

Ineffective in his spring appearances, he is fearful that he won’t work in the pen all year, so he’s not taking chances and putting John Foster in his place.

The opening day lineup has not been deterimed yet, but most of the spots seem to be filled according to Bobby Cox and Martinez.

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noooo...ditching Schuerholz!?!?!? It can't be happening, ahhhhh!!!! :lmao:

he bashed time warner, and they won't stand for that, so they had to can him and his staff. what's really puzzling is why did they hire some 19 year old college geek and his three friends to run this team...i doubt they know the first thing about general managing, and will most likely run this team to the ground. i guess time warner is being really stingent on the braves this season.

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Brave New World Coming for the Chophouse



6 pm Newscast-March 26, 2005

Less than two weeks removed from the firing of long time General Manager John Schuerholz and replacing him with Jamie Martinez, a college kid from Juno Beach, Fl, Time Warner announced a major change on the TV landscape. TBS, which has been carrying Braves games since 1976, has dropped the Braves completely from the schedule; the same has happened to sister station Turner South. Time Warner cites the Braves games on their networks to be a loss of money and better things could come out of those wasted hours. Fox Sports Net South has picked up the Turner networks dropped games.


Millions of viwers will miss this site this year as superstation TBS decided to drop their games.

Also, strange “missing texture†boxes have appeared at Turner Field after dark, the reason for them remains unknown, as well as the weird shadows that show up around during the daytime. Braves officials are working to correct this problem. This dampened the first ever punch up of Turner Field’s big screen however.

gee...what a shame...why would tbs drop their games? they weren't that dumb...lol.

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bravescom0me.jpg-April 4, 2005

Braves Manager Bobby Cox has announced the 25 man roster to begin the 2005 season.

Starting Lineup

Rafael Furcal SS

Marcus Giles 2B

Jeff Francouer RF

Andruw Jones CF

Chipper Jones 3B

Adam LaRoche 1B

Johnny Estrada C

Kelly Johnson LF


Ryan Langerhans LF

Wilson Betiment IF

Eddie Perez C

Brian Jordan OF

Pete Orr IF

Julio Franco 1B


John Smoltz R

Mike Hampton L

Tim Hudson R

Horaico Ramirez L

John Thomson R


Adam Berenro R

Jim Brower R

Kyle Farnsworth R/ setup

John Foster L

Jorge Sosa R

Chris Restima R/closer

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Series Pre-spective: Don Sutton on the Fighting Fish



The Florida Marlins have improved over the underachieving season they had last year. They started by getting Carlos Delgado into the lineup at first base. He will complement a rising star in Miguel Cabrera, a veteran in Lowell, and the one of the best 1-2 punches in the Majors in Juan Pierre and Luis Castillo. The Marlins also have a great handle on the glove, as they look to be one of the better defensives in the NL East. Their pitching staff is also scary, as they rival the Braves in the starters and like the rest of the East, suffers from a bad bullpen. The difference maker will most likely be the pen in this series, to see who can get the other team to get to theirs first.

for those of you wondering when i'm starting my dyansty, it will be early tomorrow. weather problems delayed it a day.

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Highlights: Defense is the Key…and it Broke

We have been talking a lot about how much defense is a major maker or breaker for contending teams. The Braves and Marlins have both been amazing in defense in recent years with many gold gloves. They start their season facing each other. Here we go, in the bottom of the first, Miguel Cabera, hits it into center field, and Andruw Jones showing off great glove skills, showing us why he has 7 gold gloves.


In the second, Castillo with a great play to get Andruw Jones.


In the bottom of the inning, Kelly Johnson with a great leaping catch to end the inning, Web Gem Nominee.


Then Estrada, first at bat of the year, that ain’t coming back, 1-0 Braves.


In the bottom of the third, Alex Gonzalez sends it to never never land, tied 1-1.


Beckett was filthy today, here striking out 4, only giving up the home run to Estrada through 8 2/3rds.


Meanwhile, Smoltz, back to starting didn’t have his A game today, gives up a 3 run homer to Mike Lowell in the 6th, fish up 5-1, 6+ innings, 5 er, you think he should go back to the pen?

‘mabye, I’m not sure, well see how Smoltz does in the next few starts.’


We’ve seen some bad defense from the Braves, probably rusty, but the impossible happens in the 8th, Castillo hits one in center, Jones gets turned around and by the time he has the ball, runner is headed for third, Castillo a great runner gets an inside the park home run.


Lowell hits a home run that is out of the park, two home runs for Lowell on opening day.


Marlins win this one 7-1. Thoughts?

‘I think we can’t judge a season by one day, but if the Braves can’t learn how to hit, it’s going to be a long season for these guys.’

Next on Baseball Tonight, Web Gems, see if Kelly Johnson is on our list.

(he was actually the #4 play of the night later on the show)

next game: @Florida, Hampton vs. Burnett, 7:05 pm start

please bear with me, this is the first time ive done this, i hope to get better at this as the dyansty progresses. give me comments and suggestions to make this better. thanks.

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Looks nice, I will follow

thanks. i kinda wanted to get away from the lual format, and based a bit of my format on the bbtn format you used, i wanted it to look as close as a highlight film as i possibly could with the diagoluge and the pictures controlling the action. i didn't put down stats, i'm still trying to tweak my system.

i'll probaly finish the series later tonight or early tomorrow morning. the braves game was coming on when i started the game.

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Palm Beaches Gameday with Evan Cohen


Welcome back to the show, 4:31, and I’m joined on the metropcs hotline with Jamie Martinez, General Manager with the Atlanta Braves, hello, Jamie, how are you doing today?

Jamie Martinez: I'm doing fine, how are you doing today?

Evan: doing wonderfully outside of Dolphins Stadium. As I understand, you just came out of a Zoology exam, is that correct?

Jamie: yes, that is correct, I still have to focus on those classes so I can have a good job afterwards.

Evan: well, you already have a good job, as the new GM of the Atlanta Braves, who wouldn’t want that job? If someone offered me the GM job of the Mets, my favorite team, I would think that would be a new dream job.

Jamie: like my parents always say, always have a fallback, and I’m not really looking into GMing as a career, it’s just a hobby.

Evan: the story going around is that you got the job by ditching a Genetics exam. Is that true? Because if it is, that’s not a very good GM quality.

Jamie: that’s only partially true. The story is that the professor had a class vote to change the date of the exam from March 7th to March 14th, myself and another classmate voted to keep the date as is, because I had two exams that week of March 14th. So I took the exam on March 10th, got my grade, a 92 the next day, and while my classmates started the exam at 1 pm on March 14th, I was at Roger Dean Stadium watching the Braves. I found out right before the game that the old GM was fired for bad remarks, and suddenly I was approached by Time Warner executives who offered me a GM job for 20 bucks an hour. I said yes and they agreed not to take me out of school and let me live a normal life for the most part.

Evan: we have to talk about your assistants, Alex, Justin, and Seth, why them?

Jamie: I’ve known them for a while and are all great fans of this team and really want to see them win.

Evan: so what do you do when making these decisions?

Jamie: well we go either to the Uncommon Floor, a fast food type restaurant on the campus of Juno Beach University or the local Starbucks a few blocks from campus to make decisions on the franchise. The campus life at JBU tends to get boring sometimes though, so we make some of these decisions at the beach. Go Barracudas!!

Evan Cohen talking to Braves GM Jamie Martinez on the metropcs hotline.

Evan: now getting back to baseball, you made a few moves after the old GM got fired, first you moved Nick Green, an essential piece of last year’s team for Jorge Sosa, what’s your thinking behind that?

Jamie: after seeing the pathetic pen we had in spring training, we saw that changes had to be made if we were ever going to win the east, with everyone upgrading, the Marlins having Delgado in that killer lineup, the Mets improving their situation, the Phillies getting a new manager and the Nationals with a home. This is also why we let go of Tom Martin. He was nice to me that one day, but if you can’t pitch well, see you later.

Evan: I don’t understand why you let go of Raul Mondesi and got Jeff Francouer called up. This doesn’t make any sense. Go though this.

Jamie: well, I wasn’t really impressed with Mondesi throughout spring training, and I decided to release him because I didn’t think he would fit with our team. I think youth is the key to winning our 14th straight division title, and Mondesi is way past his prime, in fact he’s on the tail end of his career. Jeff has been impressive in double A for a while, and I thought it was time to show the world the power of Frenchy.

Evan: what’s this Frenchy thing you got going on the site? And what’s the hype about him?

Jamie: well, in the farm, everyone called him Frenchy because his last name was very French sounding, so it just caught on. And because he’s an Atlanta native, he’s going to get major fanfare in Atlanta after we leave Miami to start our home season against your Mets, Evan. It’s going to be a big series for Braves and Mets fans.

Evan: I know, speaking as a Met fan; you lose your first game 7-1, I know you probably don’t want to talk about it right now, but what do you think this team needs to do?

Jamie: well it’s just the first game, there’s 161 games left to go, but I think that if we play like that for a long time, it’s going to be a long season, but again way too early to judge the team. But I think the Marlins could be a threat this year if they keep playing the way they do.

Evan Cohen talking to Braves GM Jamie Martinez on the metropcs hotline.

Evan: you’ve been GM’ing the Braves for about three weeks, how do you like the GM world?

Jamie: It’s taken a while to get the trust of the other GM’s, especially Splawn, also new, and also the tyrant like Liberty Conea, who also owns the Padres. But I think they are going to let me trade and we are going to get along fine…the rest just have to get used to a 19 year old college student and his three buddies running a franchise. After that trust thing, it’s really kinda fun, but you gotta know what you do affects millions of fans who want to see this team win. And no, it hasn’t really changed my daily life.

Evan: last couple of things, Jamie, where do you see this team in October?

Jamie: I see them in the playoffs, and of course I see your Mets at home.

Evan: very funny, last thing, do you think the Marlins will ever get their new stadium?

Jamie: no. When did this turn into Marlintalk Evan? I thought I was talking about the Braves.

Evan: well, thanks for joining us Jamie.

Jamie Martinez, GM for the Atlanta Braves on the MetroPCS hotline, permission to speak freely. Quick break, traffic, sportscenter, then more on the other side at (phone number omitted), Evan Cohen on ESPNRadio 760.

evan's taglines are underlined, and for a full effect, he has a new york accent. yes, this is a real show.

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Lowlights: Atlanta Not Very Brave

April 6, 2005

We’re back on baseball tonight, Marlins/Braves…and the Fighting Fish start off running, Pierre with a triple to start things off for the Marlins. He would score on a Luis Castillo single.


We talked about getting it done at the bottom of the order on yesterdays show, look at Alex Gonzalez, a three run shot to make it 4-0 Marlins. ‘Well, it doesn’t really matter if you bat first or 9th, all it matters is getting the runs home in any way possible.’


Hampton had a horrible night where he gave up 9 er in 6 innings, but he shows he still has some stuff, with 4 strikeouts.


Here some more blundering by the Braves on a Burnett blooper, if they don’t get it together fast, it’s going to be a long year for the 13 time division champs, inning ends with Marlins up 6-0.


Also, the Braves can’t seem to get runners home, don’t know why, but they need to figure it out.


Burnett was brilliant tonight, 10ks and had the lineup just chasing after balls, this doesn’t look too good for Atlanta right now. 'the braves need to stop chasing after balls and become better contact hitters otherwise this is how the rest of the year will go for these guys.'


But a bright spot, Andruw Jones hits one out in the 9th, but it’s way too little, way too late, as the Braves lose big 10-1, they try to avoid the sweep tomorrow.


It’s time for Around the Bases-take a look at the rest of the league

Oliver Perez (Pit)-Out 10 days with strained hip

Josh Towers (Tor)-Out 1 day with brused ankle

next: @Florida, Hudson vs. Willis


i must be the worst player on the face of the earth, two slobfest first two games...mabye i have to adjust some of the sliders...i'm thinking of doing it before the next game coming up in a bit. i think the quailty of the highlight show dipped down becuase i was really aggiratived during the game...

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More Lowlights: Braves Swept in Fish City

April 7, 2005

Braves trying to avoid the sweep in Miami, but first, breaking news….Jeff Francouer, also known as frenchy draws his first big league walk against Dontrelle Willis.


1st and 2nd, 2 out and Langerhans can’t do it for the Braves, they would leave 9 in this game.


Dontrelle Willis cruising until in the third, a bad pitch would have him leave with a torn left shoulder; he will be out 6 weeks.


In the bottom of the third, Castillo on first steals second, Marlins would score two, it’s 4-0 fish.


LoDuca, one of his two blasts of the day.


Cabrera showing off the glovework, catching this one in foul tettority.


I know how you feel Chipper, this team needs to get back into it if they have any chance of contending this year, Fish sweep with a 12-1 win.


Next series: vs. Mets (I hope to get a win…grr)


dont worry, i ajdusted my sliders greatly after this game, reduced the offense on the cpu's side and made pitching a bit easier on me. hopefully the weekend series vs. the mets isn't this bad....i want to get the marlins back so bad for this slaughterfest. mabye i should post up my sliders to see if anyone can figure out what's wrong.

my strenghths: good pitching

my weaknesses: hitting, feiliding on manual (may go back to assisted if this persists), baserunning

here are the sliders that i was using this series:

User Pitch Meter Difficulty: -15

Pitch Speed: 0

CPU Pitcher Ball Rate: 13 (lowered to 8)

User Pitcher Fatigue: 30 (since changed to 20)

CPU Pitcher Fatigue: 30

User Pitch Control: -20

CPU Pitch Control: -15

Bullpen Fatigue Rate: 5 (since changed to 0)

Bullpen Fatigue Grace: 0

User Batting Contact: 14 (upped to 30, can't hit a lick)

CPU Batting Contact: 14 (lowered to 0, way too much offesne on the cpu)

User Batting Power: 7 (upped to 17, can't hit)

CPU Batting Power: 7 (lowered to 0 see contact)

User Bunting Ability: 5

CPU Bunting Ability: 5

User Foul Ball Frequency: 50

CPU Foul Ball Frequency: 50

CPU Swing Frequency: -28

User OF Speed (Manual): 7

User OF Speed (MVP): 0

CPU OF Speed: -3 (if i go back to assisted, will be back to 0)

User IF Speed (Manual): 7

User IF Speed (MVP): 0

CPU IF Speed: -3 (see if speed)

User Throw Speed: 0

CPU Throw Speed: 0

User Throw Accuracy: 0

CPU Throw Accuracy: 0

User Catch Errors: 0

CPU Catch Errors: 0

User Dive Difficulty: 0

CPU Catch Effort: 0

User Baserunning Speed: 5 (will probaly be upped to 10)

CPU Baserunning Speed: 0

User Runner Aggression: 8

CPU Runner Aggression: 8

User Runner Steal Speed: 0

CPU Runner Steal Speed: 0

User Runner Steal Delay: 0

CPU Runner Steal Delay: 0

CPU Steal Rate: 0

Runner Injury Frequency: 2

Pitcher Injury Frequency: 2

Batter Injury Frequency: 1

Fielder Injury Frequency: 4

Pitching MG Difference: 0

please help :mad: mabye the new changes should get me a win....

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Palm Beaches Gameday with Evan Cohen


Welcome to the show, 4:03, Evan Cohen with you on this Friday, 8th day of April 2005. John Martin across the way. We have a lot to talk about in the world of sports today, Heat in the playoffs, Dolphin news, but first, we have to talk about Dontrelle Willis. Last night if you didn’t watch the game last night, in the third inning on a pitch to Kelly Johnson, Dontrelle makes a funny pitch and is grabbing his shoulder afterward. Nobody is sure why that happened, but many are saying that it’s related to that head first slide he made on the bases last week in spring training. And this is what worries me about Dontrelle. He plays so head on, Tommy Hutton said this during the broadcast last night, that he is a liability to himself. He’s going to be out six weeks, maybe after this, he will stop playing head on. I don’t feel that Dontrelle hurt is going to change the dynamics of this team greatly, because he’s a 10-11 game winner, average, Marlins can call up Scott Olsen or another pitcher to take Dontrelle’s place for six weeks. So he won’t win 20 games for sure at all this year. Besides that, Marlins kill the Braves again, 12-1, I think the Marlins are headed towards great things and the Braves are headed towards rock bottom. If they don’t pick it up soon, the Braves are going to be a non-factor in the NL East, it’s going to be wide open. Especially for the Mets, who never beat the Braves, if they can take down the Braves as easily as the Marlins, I will be one happy Met fan. The Mets have really improved themselves over the off-season, getting Beltran in the middle of that lineup, Piazza back, Pedro; I can see this team going far. Especially if they go to Turner Field and brush up on the defense and bring their bats, it’s going to be a great season for the Mets, and a miserable season for the Braves. (phone number omitted), that’s your number to jump in the sports talk, quick break, Heat and Dolphins talk on the other side, Evan Cohen until six on ESPNRadio 760.

btw, series pre-spective cancelled for this series. Skip Caray was tied up too much to do the segment.

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Lowlights Galore: Hitting Rock Bottom

April 8, 2005

Even though the Braves had their butts handed to them in Florida, they still managed to score a run. Well, Braves fans, grin and bear it, things are going down the toilet for this team fast. And it starts off really rotten, Jose Reyes hits a solo shot off of Horaico Ramirez to lead off, 1-0 Mets.


That would be just the start to his troubles as he plunks Cameron.


Reyes in the third, Atlanta we have a problem, 3-0 Mets, what do you think about this? ‘I think the Braves are everyone’s easy team if they don’t get out of this slump very quickly, reyes not a long ball hitter does it tonight against the slumping Braves.’


Zambrano came with it today, 5k’s in 3 innings before he had to leave….


On this pitch by Ramirez which lead to a benches clearing brawl, Ishii subbed for Zambrano.


Micheteiz ends the 4th with this web gem nominee to rob Andruw of a hit. (was #3 of the night)


In the 7th, Beltran goes yard…


Then Piazza….outta here…


Floyd says that three’s company too…back to back to back, Mets score 6 more runs this inning ragtagging on Foster and Sosa this inning.


Things just got from bad to worse, bases loaded, 0 out, nobody scores for the Braves in the 7th, how low can they go, 12-0 Mets win.


And a look that most Braves fans have seen too much this week in the dugout with another loss.


Braves have not won a game, they have been outscored 41-3, is this the end of the Braves? ‘I think so, they haven’t found anything at all, they are really disgusted in the dugout, I think we’ve seen the end of the Braves and the start of something really bad.’ Things looking very bleak for the Braves as the GM Jamie Martinez and his three assistants coming up from Juno Beach to Atlanta this weekend. They must be really mad to come up to Atlanta during this time of the semester where they are usually studying really hard, you think it was smart to have a 19 year old running this team? ‘right now I say no, the Braves are on their last licks and it’s just the first week’ well see as the season progresses, next on baseball tonight, well find out what another newbie GM Marc Splawn and his Dodgers do against the Rockies, see if they have better luck than Martinez…


i'm just having the worst luck ever...i tried new sliders everything, and yet still i lose. anyone want to explain why? i'm tired of losing....someone suggested i go down to pro. if i keep on losing, i problay will. becuase i'm sucking everywhere. i can't score runs anymore... :mad:

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The Ultimate Lowlight: Welcome to Notlanta Where the Players Suck

April 9, 2005

Braves still trying to get win #1 in the season. Francouer walks again, but Braves don’t score.


Things are just fine until…Piazza jacks this one out, 2-0 Mets in the 4th.


In the bottom of the inning, Johnson gets a base hit, Braves won’t score.


In the 5th, Beltran joins the party with a three run shot, 5-0 lead for New York.


Bright spot, Furcal makes a great play here….


In the 7th, the pen makes things from bad to worse…Floyd knocks one in here.


Cameron knocks one in as a part of a 7 run 7th.


Mastui in the 9th, hits a homer to make it 16-0 Mets.


We’ve seen too much of this lately….


Braves lose 16-0, and Jamie Martinez has called a closed door meeting with the players tomorrow morning…it must be really important, I think Martinez has had it with this kind of play. Coming up from South Florida in a time where he should be studying. To be continued…..

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  • 3 weeks later...

found out my problem....after a couple of games of pro, i made pitching easier than it was with the previous sliders...i'm still trying to find a good balance though, there may be minor tweaks left to be made. but i won the second game of the nats series 7-3 for my first win this season....huddy with a cg. but i lost the next game 3-1, that should catch you up to where i am now..i wanted to do this without the upates becuase i was thinking about stuff. series prespective and frenchy diary will be back on track shortly.

add on notes: the problem was the cpu swing frenquency btw, i turned it down to 3 from 8, that was problay the reason for the high scoring games by the cpu...hopefully it will be no more of that. mabye a couple more times this year, but not every day. i was okay with that last loss btw, becuase i could have won with a jones homer...i choked and lost. guess Jamie Martinez brought the real Braves out...he's going back to Florida for school..he likes this team.

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reason i stopped the highlights temporary was to keep the pressure off me during those awful games....i'll get back to it eventually...i was going to play a quick two game series vs. houston, but didn't get around to it....

and yes, marc fein will be on shortly....

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since i finally got around to it, here's the series recap with photos:

friday, braves win 9-3. thomson wins.


chipper jones driving in a run.


laroche getting a hit for once...lol.

saturday, braves win 4-0. cg shutout for smoltz.


jeff francouer makes one of his showstopping catches in right to end an inning. no wonder everyone is starting to like him in atlanta.


john smoltz pumping his fist after his first shutout of the year.

sunday, braves lose 8-3. hampton stinks.


hampton hits rollins on the leg.



a couple of showstopping plays by the philles defense.


storms kinda prevented me playing today...really wanted to play...expect most of my games to be on the weekends now kiddies...school will do that to you.

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