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Boston Red Sox facepak and uniz upoaded!


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man oh man, i hate boston and i really hate the red sox. but i decided to play anyway with them. so i install the uni and im setting up a matchup against my 1927 yankees(which you can download now (met file,logos,portraits,and uniforms at mvpmods.com) , and then all of a sudden, i'm calling this right down the line..

a tear started tinkling down my cheek. I didn't understand what was happening. What mod makes a grown mad cry...so i'm sitting there and i'm thinking about my dead dog chippy for when i was six, and then i start thinking about that bio teacher in high school that read my note out loud.

But then I realize, that's not the reason i'm crying..no no no my dear reader.

By the time I got up to the 8th inning, i realized what was happening here. I was crying because this uniform was soo beautiful on a team i've hated since the season opener of when I was born....

fiyah you sick *******. FIYAH!!

If you haven't downloaded Studio 1.4, do so.

If you haven't downloaded the 1927 Yankee team package, do so.

If you haven't downloaded the 57 dodger portraits, do so.

If you haven't downloaded the atlanta brave uniform fix, and you need a fix, then do so.

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