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Glaring Walter Johnson question for the TC Team


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Look at these two screen captures of Walter Johnson that I took in the game. The first one is from Walter Johnson on the EA MVP Legends team. Do you notice how many pitches he has? Six different pitches. Now, the second picture of Walter Johnson is from the Total Classics 1924 Senators. Here he has only three. I'm just wondering why that is??

Walter Johnson, MVP Legends version. Six pitch types.

Walter Johnson, 1924 Senators from TC 2. Only three pitch types.

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Yes, that is a difference

I did look into this one. On page 16 of the book "The Sporting News

Selects Baseball's 100 Greatest Players" 1998


"He sling-shotted his heat homeward with a long right arm that

whipped the ball from an exaggerated sidearm motion,

mesmerizing over matched hitters. For the first

15 years of his 21 major league seasons, that fastball was his only pitch - an incredible testimony

to the outstanding 2.17 era. Johnson complied over 5,914 IP"

also researched in the book 'Cooperstown' pages 164-165 the

only pitched mentioned that he threw was the fastball. Yet,

for other HOF pitchers it will list other pitches (relesed 1983 revised '99)

There is some method to some of this TC madness :)

Of course do not expect perfection by all means. Yet, a

good sim is getting closer

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Remember this mod will not be perfect and off course Anyone can tweak the players/rosters using MVP Edit

With that said alot of time and research has been put into this

project by quite a few people

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of the Total Classic team and the work you guys do is fantastic. In fact, I play games on TC Phase 2 over in the multiplayer section where I post my results with screen captures. I love the total classics and everything about them.

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I recently read a biography of Johnson done by his grandson. He mentioned that Walter did learn a curveball that was very tough-mainly because it was so much slower than his fastball and affected the hitters timing. Yes he never threw 6 pitches-but he did have to develop other pitches toward the end when his fastball wasnt overpowering anymore.

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Johnson never had more than 2 distinct pitches. Fastball with some variations and a curve which he developed mid career.

"Walter had a habit of throwing his curve ball whenever he got two strikes on a batter. He didn't have a curve, just a wrinkle. So I'd take two strikes and look for that little curve." Eddie Collins quoted in "Great Baseball Pitchers" (1965).

"I used to pitch one wiggly one to about four or five fast ones, but I could never seem to get much on my curves, and so I have come to depend solely on speed" Walter Johnson, Baseball Magazine, 1913.

Great job Tony!

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