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classic player faces


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as some of you know myself, capa, stecropper, paulw and

a few others have been creating rosters and some mods for

classic teams and players. the next and maybe final step

(with the super help from rglass, fuzz, sandman and others

'THANK YOU' fellas!)

is to get some of the star players from each team some faces.

(we have released roster sets from teams past)

with 50 or so already in the game and some left open spots

for additional faces - the hope is to get a few dozen more.

bartw has started a few and broicuapapi may join in during

the midst of all his excellent work.

i also have a friend who helped with hheat faces that is ready

to help but just needs some guidance with the procedure.

it is a bit more tricky.

anyone with suggestions /and / or willing to help out at all

please let me know. i / we have pics of the players we wish

to see faces for.

of course all would will be posted here.

any and all help is totally appreciated.

thanks guys

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no problem, itll be difficult maing faces cuz you need good pics and you need to remap faces and you need to replace faces already in the game. my dodger facepak had to overwrite a few of the legends players. good luck none the less!

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we may be able to add them without overwriting. i found several

face numbers that are replications. ex. 132,134,136,149,161,169

etc. (nearly 40 or so)

i am not 100% sure here but this should work

i /we have plenty of good pics from a variety of angles of

the players we wish to add. hopefully that will help

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i think this plan needs to get the wheels moving.

i'd like to see mantle in the game. Boricuapapi and whoever else is out there making faces, hook up some legend players like hank aaron,ozzie smith,mantle, ted williams, joe d.,

that's what this game needs, some original oldtime playerssss...

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