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Photo Updates WIP


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I am now working on an update for the devil rays and i have pics for everyone exept for these players,

Wes Bankston

Jon Barratt

Elijah Dukes

James Houser

Brian Henderson

Jason Pridie

Shawn Riggans

Travis Schlichting

If amyone has good pics of these guys, i would appreciate it :D

This time around i will try to use Cris's guide to true face portrats and see if I can make them better quality :D


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I have good news, I have mastered Cris's Guide to True Face Portraits and the photos look alot better now. Here is an early look at my devil rays update


I think it looks really good personaly (NO GREY BORDERS :p ) but you will notice one problem. On the right side of the cap you will notice a small indent. This is because the new era logo on the hat is virtually the same color of the backround and whatever tolerence you use for the magic wand, it still selects it. If any portrait masters have any ideas to help me with that problem I would appriciate it. Once i figure this out I will probualy be done by saturday.

P.S. when you double click on the portrait in mvp edit and change the pic and the alpha, does that change the .fsh file in the portrais.big file too or not?For Created photos too?

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Try this: after you make the selection with the magic wand, click the Quick Mask button (on of two rectangular buttons near the bottom of the button bar). That should turn everything you have selected a transparent red. Zoom in to the area where the logo is and erase the red from that area with a fine-tipped eraser, making sure not to go outside the hat. Then switch back out of Quick Mask (the other button next to it), and it should have the head selected, logo included. If that doesn't work, let me know and I'll see what I can come up with.

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Thanx that works, I'll have this done by Saturday :D

I thought I replied to this post already, guess I didn't. But here's how I'd suggest you do it:

after you use the magic wand tool, click on the lasso tool, and select the part that is gray you want to keep while HOLDING - ALT. This will "take out" that part of the selection.

Hope this helps,


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