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I have a persuasive speech that I will be presenting to an audience of members of the US Air Force. I will be attempting to persuade them on a strange topic to be considered with the military, Capital Punishment.(aka the death penalty) I was wondering if someone could come up with a GOOD looking image for the title page. I would like to have it say "Capital Punishment" with some cool graphics and image or such and have on there "C/SrA Welch" or "C/SrA Robert Welch" The first would probably be better though. Then maybe a template for the rest of my slides with like some sort of banner or something at the topic, something to that effect. If someone could do this for me that would be great and I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,


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I don't have the link to BaseballHeadDan's but I can show you the opening slide and the slide that was the background on each other slide.


I streched it over the slide, it looked great in my presentation.


Slide Background:


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