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free 2006 baseball season magazine


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Time to be the lab-rat.... :wink:

I registered, (just your e-mail), and I'm awaiting the download link.

I'll post back with how it goes so that others who may be apprehensive about doing this will either have their fears confirmed or put at ease. 8)


I downloaded the .PDF, (8.76MB), in under a minute on DSL. 198 pages of actual fantasy baseball stuff - not ads every other page or anything.

Everything seems on the up-and-up. I'm diggin it - THANKS! :!:

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I think I might have downloaded this last year, and I found it pretty good. Awaiting download link. Thanks. :)

You might have

Last season I posted it when is was release (Vladimir Guerrero was the cover boy)

heres the link you wanted


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